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Reserve Event Containers
Waste Management Plan for Public Events
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Reserve Event Containers


Young girl placing bottle in recycling container

Planning a low-waste event? You can reserve free recycling and organics recycling containers, signs, and bags to help reduce waste. Make sure the bins are conveniently located next to trash containers, near food and eating areas, entrances and exit points, and other high pedestrian traffic areas.

Request containers at least one week in advance to be sure we can guarantee your reservation!

Reserve Event Containers



Event organizers are responsible for proper disposal of their materials. Recycling can be dropped off at St. Paul's free drop-off site, located at 309 Como Ave S. 

Organic material includes all food scraps, non-plastic lined paper plates and bowls, and BPI Certified compostable cutlery and cups. Organics can be dropped off for free at:


District Council Lending Programs

The following District Councils also have recycling and organics containers they lend to neighbors. Not sure which district you live in? View the District Council map.

D1 Community Council 2105 ½ Old Hudson Rd 651-578-7600
Greater East Side St. Paul 1365 Prosperity Ave. 651-774-2220
West Side Community Organization 1 Water St. #260 651-293-1708
Payne Phalen D5 Planning Council 506 Kenny Rd. 651-774-5234
District 6 Planning Council 171 Front Ave. 651-488-4485
Summit-University Planning Council 909 Selby Ave 651-228-1855
West 7th / Fort Road Federation 882 W 7th St. - Ste. 6 651-298-5599
D10 Como Community Council 1224 Lexington Pkwy N 651-644-3889
Union Park District Council 161 N Snelling Ave. 651-645-6887
Macalester-Groveland Community Council 320 S. Griggs St. 651-695-4000
Summit Hill Association 860 St. Clair Ave. 651-222-1222
D17 Capitol River Council  101 E. 5th St # 240 651-221-0488


Ramsey County Lending Program

Reserve event containers from Ramsey County Environmental Health on their website

Ramsey County Public Health, Environmental Health Office
Third Floor, Reception Area
2785 White Bear Avenue #350, Maplewood, MN 55109 


Waste Management Plans for Public Events


Individuals standing next to recycling and trash containers at an event outdoors

In 2014, Saint Paul City Council updated city ordinance Chapter 366 to maximize waste diversion goals. Saint Paul is committed to protecting the environment and public health, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and conserving energy and natural resources. Community events, parades, races, and public gatherings play a vital role in accomplishing these goals. The Waste Management Plan intends to aid event organizers in planning and reducing the waste generated at public events.

Event organizers are required to submit the following for review by Public Works staff:

Check out our Resource Guide to help you plan your recycling, organics and trash at large and small events.

Resource Guide            Waste Management Plan            Final Evaluation       


Tips for Planning a Green Event

Recycling and Composting At Home

Plan ahead and you can reduce waste, which means less to deal with after your get-together. Download tips on holding Green Gatherings or a Green Graduation party. The Guest-imator is also a great way to reduce food waste by planning ahead, especially during the holidays!

Download free signs at the BizRecycling websitesigns are available in Hmong, Somali or Spanish!

Recycling and Composting Away From Home

When you call or email a facility about reservations, ask the staff about options for recycling and composing. Most businesses have to provide recycling to their customers by January 1, 2016 at the latest. After you arrive, locate the disposal containers and let your guests know where to put material for recycling, composting and trash. Visit the Park Facilities Rental page to reserve a public location for your event. 



Last Edited: January 28, 2021