Organics Recycling

Click here for information about yard waste disposal and backyard composting.

Organics Recycling is the collection of organic material for composting. Saint Paul residents can collect organics in their home and take it to a drop-off site listed below. Drop-off sites take more materials than you can put in your backyard compost bin. Items accepted include:

pw_recycling_BPI Certification

  • All food scraps including vegetables, fruits, meats (including fats, oils and grease), poultry, fish, bones, grains, dairy, coffee grounds and filters, tea bags etc.
  • Non-recyclable paper including greasy pizza boxes, paper towels, tissues, wrapping paper, dirty paper bags, etc.
  • Compostable cups, plates, utensils, bags etc. Check that it has the “Compostable” logo from the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) on the item or packaging to ensure it is compostable.   

District Council Drop-Off Locations:

pw-recycling-Como Organics Drop Off.jpg

*NEW: Como Park Drop-off Site
The District 10 Como Park site is now open and free for all Ramsey County residents.

Macalester-Groveland Drop-off Site
The Macalester-Groveland Drop-off Site is free to anyone who lives or works in Saint Paul. Residents must sign-up online to use the site. 

Organics Recycling at Yard Waste Sites:

Drop off source separated organics at Ramsey County Yard Waste Sites during regular site hours. Keep organics separate from yard waste.

How do I recycle organics at Ramsey County Yard Waste Sites?

  1. Pick up FREE compostable bags at the six yard waste sites that collect organic waste or contact your local District Council office.
  2. Fill the bags with food waste and other materials listed below
  3. Bring your bagged organics to a Ramsey County Yard Waste Site
  4. Put the bagged organics in the designated container

Watch how to sort your organics at home! | English | Spanish | Somali | Hmong 


  Dropping off your Organics at a Yard Waste Site | English | Spanish | Somali | Hmong 


Click here to learn more or contact the Ramsey County Master Gardeners at 651-704-2071.