Hamline-Hague Park and Play Area Improvements


This project has been completed.

The former play area and site improvements at Hamline-Hague Park occurred over 25 years ago. Nearly all of the wood and metal play structures were removed when deterioration of equipment and safety standards were not met at the latest inspection. CIB funding has been secured for new play area equipment and other site improvements such as walkways, benches, landscaping, and signage. Our first meeting was a huge success. We established Goals and Objectives of the project, reviewed the opportunities and constraints of the site, developed a list of Needs and Wants, discussed some concept layout plans, and reviewed several playground manufacturers. The second meeting was used to review the park concept plan and decide which play equipment to install in the play area. Our third meeting started out reviewing the proposed plan. The proposed plan was approved and development of construction documents will now begin. We discussed safety surfacing options, as well as, color selection for the play equipment. An inquiry was made to change the name of the park. Bryan will be checking into the feasibility of changing the park name. The project will be bid mid March. Construction should begin as soon as conditions permit (usually the end of April or first part of May). Any more project updates will continue to be posted on this page – stay tuned!

Meeting 1 – December 8, 2008 * Meeting Notes * Concept 1 * Concept 2 * Concept 3 * Concept 4

Meeting 2 – January 5, 2009 * Meeting Notes * Park Concept Plan * Play area concept - Landscape Structures (Large Image File)

Meeting 3 – February 2, 2009 * Meeting notes * Final Park Plan

Project Information

Project manager: Bryan Murphy

Phone: 651-266-6411

Project Funding: CIB funds