Highland Park and Disc Golf Renovation


The renovation of Highland Park and the Disc Golf Course is part of an extensive CIB funded plan to renovate all of the Highland Park Picnic Area. The work is being divided into several phases of construction. The Highland Park Community Council has served as a conduit for neighborhood input and discussions regarding this project.

Phase I - Complete

  • Renovate the parking lot, pedestrian, and bicycle paths
  • Improve signage, lighting, and site furnishings
  • Renovate the pavilion patio, play area, and horseshoe courts
  • Reforestation

Phase II - Complete

  • Construction of toilet shelter and information kiosk (shelter not yet open to the public)
  • Traffic controls installed at Edgcumbe and Montreal intersection
  • Additional trees planted in Disc Golf Course, parking lot and surrounding areas both north and south side of Montreal.
  • Installed staircase and nature trails

Phase III - Complete

  • Closing of Antonio Dr., north of Montreal Ave.
  • Improve parking and access
  • Picnic tables and benches
  • Signage
  • Install site and pathway lighting
  • Connect parking lot south of Montreal Ave. with Highland Park Aquatic Center via a bike / pedestrian trail
  • Continue with reforestation and removal of invasive species
  • Reinstall historic bridge lighting fixtures on Montreal Ave. Pedestrian Bridge
  • Establish native grasses where appropriate

Project Partners

Project Manager: Bill Pesek, Landscape Architect Phone: 651-266-6400