About the Emerging and BIPOC Developer Training and Engagement Initiative

The Emerging and BIPOC Developer Training and Engagement Initiative is a partnership between the City of Saint Paul and NEOO Partners that aims to increase the representation of emerging developers and leaders who are Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) in the real estate development community.


Publicly-financed real estate development projects offer strong wealth-building and workforce development opportunities, yet only a relative few have been led by emerging and BIPOC developers.

The Emerging and BIPOC Developer Training and Engagement Initiative aims to serve people of all professional backgrounds who are interested in real estate development but may not know how to get started.


The City of Saint Paul and Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) of the City of Saint Paul seek to:

  1. Help build a stronger pipeline of new, talented developers in the field;

  2. Provide invaluable education and training opportunities for developers entering the field;

  3. Contribute pre-development resources for the pursuit of projects;

  4. Provide proactive, ongoing mentorship and professional support opportunities; and

  5. Actively address barriers and complexities of the City’s real estate development programs; evaluate how the City currently directs investment and refine to make opportunities more accessible to new participants.


City and HRA Development Opportunities

Interested emerging and BIPOC developers are encouraged to apply for small-scale redevelopment opportunities through the City’s and HRA’s Inspiring Communities program. Visit the Inspiring Communities program webpage to learn more.

The HRA maintains an inventory of property for future redevelopment opportunities. View other City- and HRA- led development opportunities.

To receive updates on development opportunities and notices of property solicitations, subscribe to our development opportunities email list.

Technical Assistance

The City of Saint Paul has partnered with NEOO Partners to offer technical assistance to emerging and BIPOC developers interested in completing projects through the City’s and HRA’s Inspiring Communities program and other real estate development projects.

Contact NEOO Partners or City staff to learn more.

Future Engagement and Technical Assistance Offerings

The City partnered with the Incremental Development Alliance, NEOO Partners and a volunteer Host and Advisory Committee (HAC) to provide emerging and BIPOC developers information through a seminar and five-week bootcamp.

To learn about future opportunities like these, please sign up for our Emerging and BIPOC Developer Engagement and Technical Assistance email list.

Last Edited: August 11, 2022