The Neighborhood STAR Board tours, reviews, interviews and recommends applications to the Mayor and City Council for approval.

The board is made up of 21 members appointed by the Mayor for four-year terms. City residency is required and Minnesota State Law requires three representatives to be appointed from each City Council Ward.

Neighborhood STAR Board Members

Ward 1

  • Angela Burns Finney, Vice-Chair
  • (OPEN)
  • (OPEN)

Ward 2

  • Owen Hansen
  • Jessica Nickrand
  • Jim Stahlmann

Ward 3

  • Erin Heelan
  • Chris Leifeld
  • Charlie Vander Aarde, Chair

Ward 4

  • Terri Banaszewski
  • (OPEN)
  • (OPEN)

Ward 5

  • Lamah Bility
  • Roxanne Draughn
  • Nate Nins

Ward 6

  • RaeAnna K. Buchholz
  • Tong C. Thao
  • (OPEN)

Ward 7

  • Fatima Moore
  • (OPEN)
  • (OPEN)

Apply to Serve on the Neighborhood STAR Board

Appointments are generally made when serving members have reached their term limits or when members leave the commission for other reasons

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and will be considered as openings become available (as current members resign or reach the end of their terms). Your application will be considered during the next set of appointment openings.

To apply, please visit our Online Committee Application, select "Neighborhood STAR Program" from the menu and then click the “Apply” button.

Neighborhood STAR Board Documents

To access other documents, minutes, and packets, click the "Documents..." dropdown menu next to your meeting in the table below.

Last Edited: November 16, 2022