At their December 13 meeting, the Saint Paul City Council awarded $2,320,162.55 in Neighborhood Sales Tax Revitalization (STAR) grants to support 41 capital improvement projects in Saint Paul neighborhoods.

This year’s Neighborhood STAR awards will leverage over $3 million in additional capital investment in Saint Paul, and will largely support small businesses or organizations, identified as having less than $1 million in annual revenue and/or fewer than 20 employees. 

Applicant: The Rondo Community Land Trust
Project: 1041 Selby Avenue Tenant Improvements
Award: $50,000

Renovation to the rental office space on the lower level of 1041 Selby Avenue to include the installation of a kitchenette, lounge space, new carpet, and updates to lighting and electric.

Applicant: Union Park Management
Project: 1564 Selby Building Project
Award: $50,000

The installation of an exterior illuminated directory sign, new awnings, enhanced storefront windows, and updates to the opening between Teeny Bee and The Baby Boutique.

Applicant: Complete Beverage Service Inc DBA 7th Street Event Center
Project: 7th Street Event Center
Award: $49,900

Updates to the building including flooring, the installation of new exterior doors, and the sidewalk. Converting restaurant dining to a larger banquet hall.

Applicant: CR 89 Inc.
Project: 88 Kitchen Project
Award: $50,000

Kitchen renovation to include a new fire exhaust fan and system, removal of kitchen window, updates to the kitchen hood, and the oven's plumbing and electrical work.

Applicant: Bartholomew and Stella Enterprise LLC
Project: 931/933 University Avenue Rehabilitation Project
Award: $50,000

Renovating and enhancing the front facades of buildings in the University Avenue neighborhoods.

Applicant: African Development Center
Project: African Development Center Profit-based Small Business Loans
Award: $210,000

A revolving loan fund in Saint Paul for small businesses in need of profit-based alternative financing.

Applicant: African Economic Development Solutions
Project: African Economic Development Solutions Loan Fund
Award: $185,000

A loan program dedicated to interior and exterior business improvements to be distributed to African immigrant entrepreneurs throughout Saint Paul.

Applicant: Al's Westside Diner
Project: Al's Westside Diner Exhaust System
Award: $48,000

Installing a new commercial kitchen exhaust system.

Applicant: Awaken for Wellness
Project: Revitalize 1821 Saint Clair Avenue exterior
Award: $50,000

Updating the buildings lower east, south, and wests facade with low maintenance cladding, partial new awning, new front door.

Applicant: Latino Economic Development Center
Project: Bymore Supermercado Storefront Restoration
Award: $150,000

Building renovation to include facade restoration, new signage, and the installation of a new fire suppression system and 2 new HVAC systems.

Applicant: Capital Deals
Project: Significant Multi Improvement Projects at 710 Smith (Capital Deals)
Award: $50,000

Repairing parts of the building's roofing, drywall, and plumbing. Updating the HVAC system, building facade, and electrical.

Applicant: Day by Day of St. Paul Inc.
Project: Day by Day Cafe Improvements
Award: $50,000

Updating the Cafe's exterior by replacing awnings and repainting the storefronts. Replacement of the makeup air system.

Applicant: Doge Pizza LLC
Project: Doge Pizza Renovations
Award: $50,000

Funds to build out kitchen and storage areas, fix siding, renovate hood to reduce noise, and to install an AC & heating system. Any remaining funds to go towards renovating the building's basement.

Applicant: Sssdude-Nutz DBA The Donut Trap
Project: Donut Community Space
Award: $50,000

Renovation to the building exterior and surrounding space including the addition of a community garden, solar panels, patio area, seating, roof trellis, greenhouse, sauna, and igloo domes.

Applicant: East Side Neighborhood Development Company
Project: Friendly Storefronts
Award: $50,000

A grant program offering grants up to $10,000 per business for projects that include but are not limited to masonry, electrical work, the installation of signage, lighting, tiling, paint jobs, and murals.

Applicant: Grand Old Creamery
Project: Grand Old Creamery Expansion
Award: $30,000

Expansion project to create a community gathering space with funds allocated for plumbing and electrical work, heating & cooling, outdoor furnishings and landscaping, facade and infrastructure improvements, as well as for permits and licensing.

Applicant: Greater East Side/District 2 Community Council
Project: Greater East Side Grant Program
Award: $44,500

A grant program offering grants up to $10,000 per business to businesses and churches within the District 2 boundaries in Wards 6 and 7 for projects focused on installing upgraded windows, awnings, signage, painting, and the HVAC improvements.

Applicant: Hmong American Partnership
Project: Hmong American Partnership Capital Improvements to Hmong American Partnership’s University Avenue Facility
Award: $50,000

Upgrading the security system, ceiling and wall repairs, and parking lot upgrades.

Applicant: The JK Movement
Project: JK Movement: Inclusive Hub of Safety for Youth - Jimmy Lee Recreation Center
Award: $5,000

Renovation of specific priority areas of the Jimmy Lee Recreation Center gym. Specific elements include safe, the installation of fixed retractable bleachers, and basketball backboards and hoops.

Applicant: Joan's in the Park
Project: Joan's in the Park
Award: $50,000

Repairs to the kitchen and building. Replacements of kitchen equipment.

Applicant: Premier Management, LLC
Project: La Costa
Award: $50,000

New parking lot and new black fencing with stripes.

Applicant: Life Juices
Project: Life Juices
Award: $27,000

Updates to building facade including new lighting, signage, paint to the roof's overhang, and updates to a section of the parking lot. Creation of a new patio area with new privacy fencing and gate, picnic style seating, and the conversion of the patio's asphalt into a street art installation.

Applicant: Lip Esteem, LLC
Project: Lip Esteem
Award: $27,939.55

Updates to the building's exterior including awnings, signage, and a door sweep. Updates to the interior including light and electrical work, drywall, stair remodel, and installation of check-out counter.

Applicant: District 6 Planning Council
Project: North End Grant Program 2023
Award: $44,500

A North End Business grant program offering grants of up to $5,000 for projects focused on installing windows, window treatments, awnings, signage, painting and murals.

Applicant: PAIKKA
Project: PAIKKA Kitchen and Bar Buildout
Award: $50,000

Framing, drywall, paint, plumbing, electrical and lighting work for the build-out of the bar and bar support area. Framing, drywall, plumbing, electrical for the build-out of the kitchen area.

Applicant: Pimento Jamaican Kitchen
Project: Pimento Saint Paul
Award: $50,000

Construction of four ADA-compliant restrooms and 2 ADA-compliant ramps. Build out of commercial kitchen to support food truck, and construction for a stage.

Applicant: Plant Bar Cafe LLC
Project: Plant Bar Cafe Downtown Location
Award: $50,000

Updating and/or repairing paint, wallpaper, ceiling tile, commercial kitchen, bathrooms, lighting, flooring,  refrigerator and freezer. Addition of a lobby space, counter, and new kitchen equipment.

Applicant: Rayz R Cuts, LLC
Project: Rayz R Cuts Barbershop
Award: $50,000

Updates to the brick facade and installation of new signage. Enhancements to the lighting and electrical work in the building's interior.

Applicant: Rice & Larpenteur Alliance
Project: Business Improvements and Neighborhood Signage at Rice & Larpenteur
Award: $50,000

Half of funds to go towards the purchase and installation of wayfinding signage materials. The other half of funds to go towards a business improvement grant fund for local businesses on the Saint Paul side of the corridor.

Applicant: TKP LLC
Project: Ruam Mit Restaurant Relocation
Award: $48,835

Construction of a third bathroom.

Applicant: Saint Paul Development Corporation           
Project: Selby Avenue Storefront Renewal
Award: $50,000

Removal of existing storefront and installation of new storefront system.

Applicant: Saint Paul Family Medical Center
Project: Saint Paul Family Medical Center Entryway
Award: $50,000

Updating the building facade to improving accessibility for all patients with new large front entryway, automatic doors, tile flooring in split entry way including steps, handicap accessible back entrance, back door, and security system for elevator access to basement.

Applicant: Amani Construction and Development
Project: Serenity Townhouse
Award: $90,968

Funds to assist with the building of the foundation walls, the footings, concrete flatwork, and waterproofing to four units.

Applicant: Slice Pizza Lowertown LLC
Project: Slice Brothers Pizza Downtown Saint Paul
Award: $50,000

Demolition of the unusable wooden structures left in the space to implement new dining design. Renovation to include the purchase and installation of a heated glass pizza display, paint, electrical work, outdoor LED signage, and a new door to accommodate third-party deliveries.

Applicant: TB'z Customz Boutique
Project: TB'z Customz Boutique
Award: $13,797

Installing a cash wrap bar with workstation to add storage space for store accessories and POS system. Building a dressing room.

Applicant: Udo's African Food Store LLC
Project: Udo's African Grocery and Restaurant
Award: $90,000

Installing commercial kitchen hood, air conditioning unit and walk-in freezer.

Applicant: Unique Early Learning Center
Project: Unique Early Learning Center Improvement
Award: $50,000

Installing a new playground and safety fence.

Applicant: Urban Growler Brewing Company, LLC
Project: Urban Growler
Award: $49,723

The installation of a permanent outdoor bandshell created by repurposing a standard 8x20 shipping container box. Funds will also be used to create an accessible sloped walking surface and to re-stripe a portion of the parking area to clearly delineate accessible zones.

Applicant: RealBigHuge Brewing Company dba Wabasha Brewing Company
Project: Wabasha Brewing Storefront Revitalization and Taproom Expansion
Award: $50,000

Renovation of approximately 1000 square feet of unused street-level commercial/retail space on Wabasha St. S., including updates and repairs to flooring, walls, lighting fixtures,  boiler system, and thermostats. The project will also include the installation of an archway door, additional HVAC ventilation ductwork, a door to the back breakroom/warehouse area, additional security cameras, electrical work, and 2 new window coverings.

Applicant: Yoerg Brewing Company
Project: Yoerg Brewing Company
Award: $5,000

Funding will cover the installation of amp-dedicated circuits, GFCI-protected duplex receptacles, and the cost of the Saint Paul electric permit.

Applicant: Yoni Treats LLC
Project: Yoni Treats Wellness Center Signage
Award: $5,000

Updating signage on the front and back of brick and mortar and to the entrance door.

Last Edited: December 14, 2023