Papa Legba LLC
Rehabbing the old Cozy Cantina into Papa Legba's Lounge (202 Cesar Chavez): Painting interior & exterior, Installing an awning & window in front of building & renovation of the bar.
Award: $25,000 (grant); $25,000 (loan)
Victoria Theater Arts Center
Victoria Theater Arts Center Renovation (825 University Ave): Adaptive re-use of 5500 SF vacant silent movie house, including: 120 seat theater, flexible space, technical and dressing & lobby, replacement of all windows & doors, historic facade repair.
Award: $100,000 (grant)
Lower Phalen Creek Project
Wakan Tipi Center (Corner of Commercial St. and 4th St E) - A Dakota Environmental and Cultural Interpretive Center: LPCP seeks funds to build a 9,000 sq. ft. Dakota environmental and cultural interpretive center at Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary. The facility will complement the sanctuary and draw more visitors.
Award: $100,000 (grant); $100,000 (loan)
West Indies Soul Food Inc.
West Indies Soul Food Project at Model Cities Brownstone (839 University Ave W, St Paul, MN 55104): Complete build-out of 2,545 SF of space including electrical work, water and sewer connections, exhaust hood/fire suppression system, flooring and walls, and construction of restroom facilities.
Award: $100,000 (grant); $100,000 (loan)
Beautiful Laundrette
Beautiful Laundrette Landscaping and Mural Project Parking lot and landscaping (625 Stryker Ave.): Shade trees, shrubs and flower planters. 3000 sq ft., Stryker Boulevard native plant pollinator and rain garden, with sculpture. 600 sq ft., Two Mural restorations.
Award: $7,000 (grant); $7,000 (loan)
Amazed Group LLC DBA Cups and Cheers Restaurant
1624 Expansion Build out (1624 White Bear Ave): to include 8 private multi use rooms for private dinning, business meetings, and neighborhood planning meetings.
Award: $50,000 (grant); $50,00 (loan)
Work it Coworking
Sprinkler System for Childcare Center in Work it Building (635 Fairview Ave N): Sprinkling a vacant woman
-owned and locally owned building so a daycare serving youth in need can occupy the space.
Award: $27,275 (grant)
Sterling Club
Sterling Club Renovations (300 St. Albans St. N): Exterior Improvements: concrete, steps, ramps, landscaping, irrigation, parking lot overlay, storage shed. Interior Improvements: kitchen, bathrooms, entry doors, audio/video, security systems, etc.
Award: $35,000 (grant); $32,800 (loan)
Latino Economic Development Center
Plaza del Sol (990 Payne Avenue): Rehabilitation & code compliance for this partially occupied commercial building, including 1 new 3-stop elevator, 3 accessible bathrooms, 4 rooftop heating units, roof & finishes.
Award: $20,000 (grant); $60,000 (loan)
OMG Digital Media Solutions, LLC
OMG Studios (550 Vandalia St.): The interior buildout of OMG Studios will include a state-of-the-art livestream broadcast studio, innovation and creative space and digital performance venue.
Award: $100,000 (grant); $100,000 (loan)
The Sanneh Foundation
The Sanneh Foundation HQ Renovations (1276 University Ave. W.): Rehabilitating the roofing, parking lot, and interior with contemporary upgrades.  I. Roof Renovation - $48k; II. Parking Lot Resurface & Striping - $5k; III. Interior Demolition/Remodel - $362k
Award: $100,000 (grant)
Seasoned Specialty Food Market, LLC
Better Use Rehab Project at Seasoned Specialty Food Market (1136 Grand Ave): 1. Renovate existing garage with loft (insulation, sheetrock inside) 2. A ramp to/from the garage, in place of the current walkway 3. New siding on existing building and 4. New roof.
Award: $38,000 (grant)
Spence Specialties ANEW
SSANEW Housing for Women and Children (1075 Hudson Rd)':  Add 3 showers and 1 tub to existing half baths, Remove a wall in kitchenette to expand to full kitchen, Install full size fridge, oven, cooktop and cupboards into kitchen area, Convert reception area.
Award: $11,000 (grant)
WHB Inc.
HVAC at 678 West 7th Street: Mechanical system renovation & replacement.
Award: $26,000 (loan)
Café Astoria LLC
Cafe Astoria LLC DBA Stella Belle (325 W 7th St): we are rehabilitating the Paulina buildings storefront at 325 W 7th St. just off of downtown. The project will include all new electrical, plumbing and HVAC as well as a full commercial kitchen.
Award: $25,000 (grant)
White Squirrel LLC
White Squirrel (974 7th St W.) Pavers installation for walkway and patio area behind the building. Fencing and Landscaping the area around the patio, Installing a garbage enclosure.
Award: $20,000 (grant); $20,000 (loan)
Stone Saloon, SBC dba Waldmann Brewery
Waldmann Kitchen Gardens and Greenspace (445 Smith Ave N): Kitchen garden boxes, crushed stone paths/seating areas, 6 trees, 7 arborvitae, native grasses & perennials, sound/sight-mitigating fence (south), cedar rail fence (east), bike racks, retaining wall.
Award: $12,342 (grant); $28,798 (loan)
Design Lab Properties llc
1229 Payne Ave Rehab (1229 Payne Ave).: Additional 1,400 sf; Repair existing facade & windows; Rehab interior of existing building; Add Patio; Repair parking lot & entrances; Add ADA Bathroom. 
Award: $45,880 (grant); $45,880 (loan)
SA Food Brothers LLC
Business Building Renovation (629 Aldine St): 4 sets of celling lights, 3 sets of security lights, security cameras, floor tiling, painting, bathroom hand wash sink, wall tiling, kitchen plumbing update, exterior crack repair, and more.
Award: $20,000 (grant)
V&C Tasty Inc, Lien Lieu
Little Szechuan on University Ave (422 University Ave W): Interior Improvements- Walls, Tiles, New Wok Station, Ceiling Tiles, Bathroom Upgrades, AC Unit, HVAC work, flooring
Award: $16,333 (grant); $16,333 (loan)
Soy Sauce Q
Frogtown Crossroads (Frogtown Crossroads Building - exact address TBD): Space is 1,700 SF located in Frogtown Crossroads.  Space is built from scratch, will require plumbing, electrical, drywall, HVAC, painting, flooring, etc.
Award: $40,000 (grant); $10,000 (loan)
Victoria Best Steak House, INC.
Best Roof for Best Steak! (860 University Ave W.) Roof: Remove perimeter flashing, install 40 ml PVC prefabricated single ply membrane, roofing mechanically fastened w/custom boots, venting, heat weld seams. Carpet: 4 apartments take up/haul/labor.
Award: $7,500 (grant); $7,500 (loan)
Keystone Community Services
Keystone Community Food Site ]: A complete exterior and interior renovation of two 1920’s commercial buildings, including remediation, infrastructure improvements, and buildout of a food shelf and program space.
Award: $56,334 (grant)
District 6 Planning Council
North End Revitalization Program IV (North End Neighborhood 35E, Dale, Larpenteur, RR Tracks)The funds will support façade improvements, interior improvements and public improvements.
Award: $100,000 (grant)

Last Edited: June 29, 2023