For any designated heritage site or structure located within a locally designated heritage district, approval from Saint Paul Heritage Preservation office is required for any exterior projects. Design review will focus on ensuring that sensitive improvements will maintain key historic features, the historic integrity of the property, and the character of the heritage district.   


1. Heritage Preservation Application

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Permit Review Process

  1. Communicate with the Heritage Preservation office early in the planning stage.  Prior to discussions with contractors, architects, manufactures or suppliers you can have a discussion with Heritage Preservation staff about the idea of a possible project.  This helps identify any possible issues with the preservation program and can avoid possible costly changes to plans or materials.
  2. Submit a complete application to the Heritage Preservation Office.  You can submit applications:
    1. By email at or directly to the staff member you have been working with;
    2. By mail at Department of Planning and Economic Development - Heritage Preservation; 25 Fourth Street West, Suite 1400; Saint Paul, MN 55102.
  3. Wait.  Review can take time. Heritage Preservation staff will communicate 2 to 5 days.
  4. Your application can take one of two approval process paths:
    1. If the application is in compliance with the applicable guidelines it may qualify for Administrative review.  These reviews typically are issued within 14 business days of the receipt of a completed application.
    2. Certain project types or applications with greater complexity typically need Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) review.  Staff will communicate meeting dates and further information on appearing before the HPC once the application is received.
  5. Once the application is reviewed and authorized staff will issue a Heritage Preservation Certificate and stamp submitted plans (Please note: not all projects will have stamped plans).  These documents should be submitted to the Department of Safety and Inspections (DSI) with the permit application.
  6. Any changes to the authorized plans should be communicated back to the Heritage Preservation Office in case an amended review/approval is needed.
  7. Your Heritage Preservation Certificate should be posted where it is clearly visible during the project work. 


All questions regarding the pre-application review process should be directed to Heritage Preservation staff at 651-266-9078 or

Last Edited: May 28, 2024