The City was awarded a TIGER II planning grant from the US Department of Transportation (US DOT) to develop a Complete Streets Plan that focuses on creating tools to implement the complete streets policies the City passed as part of the 2010 Comprehensive Plan. More information on these policies can be found here:

The two main products of this effort are the Saint Paul Street Design Manual and the Complete Streets Action Plan, which were approved on October 14, 2016. The process of developing these documents is summarized in a report to Transportation Committee. Download the report here.

Street Design Manual

The purpose of the Street Design Manual is to illustrate street design best practices and to implement adopted complete streets policies. Complete streets policies require that the needs of all street users, of all ages and abilities, be considered in the process of street design. This is the first Street Design Manual for the City and is intended to help streamline the City’s internal street design processes by developing a toolbox for street design and by providing a clear framework for street design processes. Download the Street Design Manual here.

Complete Streets Action Plan

The action plan includes recommendations to improve the street design process in Saint Paul. The plan’s recommendations are based on issues that were identified during the process of developing the Street Design Manual. Download the Final Complete Streets Action Plan here.

Past Events

August 28, 2012Transportation Committee of the Planning Commission, District Council staffWorkshop to guide the content and goals of the Street Design Manual
January 8, 2013Union Park District Council - Land Use CommitteeIntroduction to project and feedback for Lynnhurst Avenue pilot workshop
January 29, 2013Transportation CommitteeReview outline and sample page
January 31, 2013Union Park District Council, Episcopal HomesLynnhurst Avenue pilot workshop

April 5, 2013

Planning CommissionProject update
May 21, 2013Mayor's Advisory Committee for People with DisabilitiesInformational meeting and initial feedback
June 3, 2013Jackson Elementary, Saint Paul Police DepartmentJackson Elementary pilot workshop
June 4, 2013Macalester-Groveland Community Council, Summit Hill Association, Grand Avenue Business AssociationGrand Avenue pilot workshop
June 8, 2013Dayton’s Bluff Community CouncilBetter Block on East 7th Street pilot event (video)
August 13, 2013Highland District CouncilFord Parkway pilot workshop
August 22, 2013Union Park District CouncilCretin Avenue pilot workshop
December 10, 2013Saint Paul Riverfront CorporationInformational meeting
July 14, 2014Transportation CommitteeReview draft Street Design Manual
November 18, 2014Engineers’ Society of Saint PaulInformational meeting
March 12, 2015Heritage Reservation CommissionReview draft Street Design Manual
March 21, 2016Transportation CommitteeReview final draft of Complete Streets Manual and draft Complete Streets Action Plan
April 15, 2016Planning CommissionRelease Street Design Manual and Complete Streets Action Plan for public review
May 27, 2016Planning CommissionPublic hearing
June 27, 2016Transportation CommitteeApprove Street Design Manual and Complete Streets Action Plan
July 8, 2016Planning CommissionApprove Street Design Manual and Complete Streets Action Plan
October 12, 2016City CouncilApprove Street Design Manual and Complete Streets Action Plan

Last Edited: November 16, 2023