Upon request by the West Side Community Organization, the Saint Paul Planning Commission initiated a zoning study of the Stryker Avenue area on July 13, 2018. The purpose of this study is to assess the current zoning along Stryker Avenue, and explore the rezoning of residential and commercial parcels to allow for mixed-use development, increased housing opportunity, and revitalized commercial opportunity along this transit corridor. These uses would be consistent with the City's 2040 Comprehensive Plan, as well as the West Side Community Plan and Stryker George Precinct Plan

This study covers about 80 acres, bounded by Winslow Avenue on the west, Annapolis Street on the south, Hall Avenue on the east and Congress Street on the north. Not all parcels within the study area will be recommended for rezoning. 

Zoning Basics Stryker Avenue Zoning Study Report City Council Ordinance 19-59 Map and List of Parcels Proposed for Rezoning

Current Process and Timeline

Community meetings have been held on March 19, 2019 at Humboldt High School and May 9, 2019 at the Baker Center. The Study was released by the Planning Commission for public comment on June 14, 2019 and a public hearing was held by the Planning Commission on July 26, 2019. Having been recommended for approval by the Planning Commission on September 6, 2019, the Study is scheduled to appear before the City Council for a second public hearing on Wednesday, October 16, 2019 at 5:30 pm at the following address:

Saint Paul City Hall
City Council Chambers
15 West Kellogg Boulevard

You may attend the City Council public hearing to provide testimony, or you may submit written testimony. All public testimony must include a physical street address to be included as part of the public record. Send correspondence to Michael Wade at michael.wade@ci.stpaul.mn.us or to

Saint Paul Planning Commission
c/o Michael Wade
25 West Fourth Street, Suite 1400
Saint Paul, MN 55102


Date Host Documents
October 16, 2019 City Council (Public Hearing)

October 16 City Council Agenda

City Council Ordinance 19-59

City Council Ordinance 19-59 - Attachment A: Map and List of Rezoned Parcels

September 6, 2019 Planning Commission (Final Action)

September 6 Planning Commission Agenda

September 6 Planning Commission Minutes

September 6 Planning Commission Resolution

September 6 Updated Stryker Avenue Zoning Study Staff Report

August 21, 2019 Comprehensive and Neighborhood Planning Committee  
July 26, 2019 Planning Commission (Public Hearing)

July 26 Planning Commission Agenda

July 26 Planning Commission Minutes

July 26 Collected Public Comment

June 14, 2019 Planning Commission (Release for Public Comment)

June 14 Planning Commission Agenda

June 14 Planning Commission Action Minutes

Stryker Ave Zoning Study Presentation

June 12, 2019 Comprehensive and Neighborhood Planning Committee

Stryker Ave Zoning Study Staff Report

May 9, 2019 West Side Community Organization (Community Open House)

Stryker Ave Zoning Study Handout

Stryker Ave Zoning Study Presentation

March 19, 2019 West Side Community Organization (Community Open House)  

Last Edited: October 29, 2019