Neighborhood Star 2020 Awards

Sacred Grounds Community Coffee Shop (883 Front Avenue): A build-out for a coffee shop with professional coffee equipment, 1 ADA & 1 standard bathroom, patio, indoor & outdoor lighting, signage, side awning, landscaping.
Award: $37,500 (grant), $37,500 (loan)

African Economic Development Solutions
Loan Fund & Community Improvement Program
(Saint Paul): Loans will be distributed to African immigrant entrepreneurs throughout St. Paul and be dedicated to business improvements for exterior & interior purposes.
Award: $75,000 (grant)

Als Westside Diner
Als Westside Diner (429 S. Robert St): New front window, awnings, kitchen exhaust, entry fence for accessible entrance and accessible bathrooms.
Award: $28,840 (grant), $12,360 (loan)

Asian Economic Development Association
Little Mekong Cultural Destination Area Improvement Projects
(Little Mekong, University Ave and Western, in Frogtown and Rondo): Up to 3 murals, 1 small business facade improvement, up to 60 banner brackets, 10 planter boxes, 1 bike rack, 3 bus stop benches, up to 69 hanging flower baskets and 2 mobile parklets/seats.
Award: $75,000 (grant)

Asian Flame
Asian Flame
(285 George St): New paint and repair outside building with 5 security lights, renovate interior restaurant - add a dine-in, new kitchen equipment that is Eco friendly, restore foundation and basement of building.
Award: $30,000 (grant), $30,000 (loan)

Constantino Real Estate
Elsa's House of Sleep Safety and Prosperity
(1441 University Ave W): Repair stucco, new glass storefront, 6 security lights, repair old plaster ceiling, new handicap door, repair floor tiles, new security cameras
Award: $49,800 (grant)

Creative Enterprise Zone
Creative Enterprise Zone Real Estate Fund Program
(Creative Enterprise Zone): Loan and grant funds for capital/physical improvement projects for small businesses in the Creative Enterprise Zone.
Award: $100,000 (grant), $100,000 (loan)

Dayton's Bluff Neighborhood Housing Services
Village on Rivoli
(660 Rivoli St.): By year-end 2021, 7 new houses with attached garages will be constructed and sold at sale prices of $240,000. The project will revitalize Railroad Island, one of St. Paul’s oldest and poorest neighborhoods.
Award: $140,035 (grant)

District 6 Planning Council
Revitalize the North End III Program
(Between Dale, 35E, Larpenteur and Burlington RR): The funds will support facade improvements, interior improvements and public improvements
Award: $150,000 (grant)

East Side Neighborhood Development Company
Friendly Storefronts Program
(Payne Ave. from Minnehaha Ave. to Maryland Ave.): 12 businesses will receive up to $2,000 in grants on a $1 for $1 matching basis. They will also receive professional training on window display, utilizing product merchandising and storefront design.
Award: $30,000 (grant)

El Burrito Market
Exterior Improvements
(175 Cesar Chavez): The building improvements includes entire building patching and repainting, building a 28x35 structural awning cover over the handicap entry way and replacing existing awning in front of building.
Award: $17,000 (grant)

ESTHER Homes Property Renovation
(No address included for security): Renovations to: 2 windows, 1 door, 1 chimney, gutters, 3 decks/landings, 120-ft fence, 3 garden beds; 1 bedroom reconfigure, 4 rooms patch/paint walls, 1 tub, 1 dryer duct, 2-3 breakers
Award: $17,600 (grant)

Face to Face Health and Counseling Service, Inc.
Face to Face HVAC Project
(1165 Arcade St): Two new, more energy-efficient, cost-effective HVAC units.
Award: $14,408 (grant)

Firebox Company
FireBox (1585 Marshall Ave.): Improve the separation of the sidewalk from the property and provide a safe space for patrons to consume beer, wine and food: plants, fence, lighting.
Award: $40,000 (grant)

625 Charles Parking Lot
(625 Charles Ave.): Adding 13 parking spaces to the business and the residential apartment. For the safety of residents, business and community adding lighting and cameras.
Award: $22,000 (grant), $22,000 (loan)

Montessori Center of Minnesota
Fostering Community Connections Through Improvements to MCM's Outdoor Environment (1611 Ames Ave): Storage units, 1,000 square feet of terraced community gardens, pollinator-friendly plantings, educational signage, two outdoor seating areas, three natural play structures, stormwater drainage
Award: $47,000 (grant)

Neighborhood Development Center
Frogtown Crossroads (489, 501, 507 Dale St; 625, 631-633 University Ave; 628, 632 Sherburne Ave.): Small business incubator tenant build-out support including 7,396 square feet for up to 6 new retail stores at $100 per square foot.
Award: $123,450 (grant), $41,150 (loan)

NeighborWorks Home Partners
Lead Window Replacement Program (Single-family homes in Saint Paul): Assist 20 low to moderate-income St. Paul single family (1-4 unit) homes who are accessing the Ramsey County Lead Window Replacement Program and need additional funds to be able to access this program. Families will replace an average of 12 lead-based painted windows each within their homes.
Award: $12,000 (grant)

Revelry LLC DBA Brunson's Pub
Brunson's Pub Expansion and Safety Improvements Project (956 Payne Ave): Demo/concrete to grade/carpentry/painting/electrical/ excavation/asphalt paving/retaining wall/plumbing/1HVAC/sprinklers/water service/pipework/masonry/ cabinets/countertops/insulation/roofing/doors
Award: $100,000 (grant), $50,000 (loan)

Springboard for the Arts
Springboard for the Arts Capital Campaign Phase Two (262 University Ave. W.): Development of former auto dealership lot into public park, with 10 benches and tables; 5 bollards and outdoor lights; bike racks, 2 trash and recycling receptacles; bumper for rain garden/ice pond.
Award: $50,000 (grant)

Sun Foods
Sun Foods University Ave W (554 University Ave): 7-10 new signages, new exterior frames, multiple new windows, tuckpoint work, sidings, sheet work, parking lot improvement
Award: $75,000 (grant), $75,000 (loan)