Heritage Preservation Commission


The Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) serves as an advisory body to the Mayor and the City Council on municipal heritage preservation matters. It was created by city ordinance in 1976 to protect and promote the heritage of the City of Saint Paul. The Commission consists of thirteen voting members who are residents of Saint Paul and are appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council. One of the members is a representative of the Ramsey County Historical Society and at present three of the members are professionally registered architects. The City of Saint Paul is a Certified Local Government (CLG) in the national Historic Preservation Program. The City is certified as having a heritage preservation commission and program that meets federal and state standards. Saint Paul's status as a CLG confirms its commitment to support a qualified heritage preservation commission, maintain a system for the survey and inventory of historic properties, enforce appropriate state and local legislation for the designation and protection of historic properties, and provide for public participation in its preservation program.


Barbara Bezat (Chair)
Richard Dana
Leetta Douglas
Steven George
Michael Justin
Teresa Kimker (Vice Chair)
William Lightner
Robert Lubke
Stuart MacDonald
Paul Nelson
Joseph H. Peroutka
Casie L. Radford (Secretary)
David Wagner

HPC Member Contact Information

Adopted HPC Policy and Procedures

2019 Meetings

The Heritage Preservation Commission holds its regular meeting on Monday afternoon at 3:30 p.m.  every two weeks in City Council Chambers in City Hall.  Below you can find the agenda for future and past HPC meetings, along with documentation that was included with the Commissioners packets that were sent one week prior to the meeting.  This is not a full record of what occurred at the particular meeting.  Please contact staff if you have questions askHPC@ci.stpaul.mn.us

2019 Heritage Preservation Commission Meetings

2019 HPC Guidelines Discussion Topics

Date Agenda Packets Final Minutes
January 14, 2019 1/14/19

IV. Pre-Application Review
A. 2250 - 2264 University & 731 Hampden Avenue
V. Public Hearing/Permit Review
A. St Andrew's Church Designation 

January 28, 2019 1/28/19


February 7, 2019
HPC retreat

III. New Business
A. Results from Listening Sessions
Irving Park Survey Results
Historic Hill Survey Results
Dayton's Bluff Survey Results
Individual Sites Survey Results
Lowertown Survey Results
Summit West Survey Results
B. Discussion of Options or Actions Resulting from Listening Sessions
HPC District Listening Sessions

February 11, 2019 2/11/19 revised

V. National Historic Preservation Act Section 106 Consultation
A. 225 Western Avenue
VI. New Business
A. Year End Report
B. 2019 Workplan
VII. Old Business
A. HPC Bylaws Update
VIII. Policy & Procedure
A. Policy #17-004: Public Testimony to the HPC revision
IX. Guidelines Discussion
A. New Construction
X. Elections
A. Committee Nominations and vote

February 25, 2019 2/25/19

V. Public Hearing
A. 217 Mackubin Street
VI. Old Business
A. Listening Session Actions

March 11, 2019 3/11/19 MEETING CANCELLED  
March 25, 2019 3/25/19

IV. Minutes
A. February 11, 2019
B. February 25, 2019
V. Public Hearing
A.  2250 University Avenue W
VI. Old Business
A. Amended 2019 Workplan

March 25, 2019 - Outreach Committee meeting 3/25/19    
April 8, 2019 4/8/19 V. Public Hearing
A. 201 Fourth Street E
April 22, 2019 4/22/19 IV. Design Review
A. 617 Laurel Avenue
V. New Business
B. 412 Holly Avenue
May 6, 2019 5/6/19

V. Old Business
A. & B. Summit Avenue between Syndicate & Griggs Streets - Ayd Mill Road Bridge and Federal Section 306108
VIII. Guideline Discussion
A. Windows

May 20, 2019 5/20/19

V. Public Hearing
A. 617 Laurel Avenue
VI. New Business
A. 536 Holly Avenue

June 3, 2019 6/3/19 V. Public Hearing
A.  5 Heather Place
VII. New Business
CLG Consulting Party: FTA Rush Line
June 17, 2019 6/17/19 V. Public Hearing
B. 511 Grand Hill
VI. New Business
A. Policy #17-005
July 1, 2019 7/1/19

V. Public Hearing
A. 294 Laurel Avenue
VI. New Business
A. Economic Hardship discussion/guidelines

July 15, 2019 7/15/19

V. Public Hearing
A. 855 W Seventh Street
B. 26 Exchange Street E
VI. New Business
A. 402 Hall Avenue

July 29, 2019 7/29/19

V. Old Business
A. Policy #17-004 and
B. Policy 17-005

VI. New Business
A. 325 Cedar Street - Degree of Honor Building
B. Guideline Discussion

August 12, 2019 8/12/19 V. Old Business
A. Merriam Park Draft Report
B. 2019 Workplan update
     1. Chapter 74
VI. New Business
A. Porches/decks guideline discussion
August 26, 2019 8/26/19


September 9, 2019 9/9/19

V. New Business
A. 1179 7th St E
B. Green Conservation of Cultural Heritage Conference Proposal
C. Guideline discussion - Lighting

September 23, 2019 9/23/19 V. Public Hearing
A. 282 Sixth St E
B. 1753 Summit Avenue
VI. New Business


2018 Heritage Preservation Commission Meetings