Bike Walk Central Corridor

Progress Update: A progress update on the implementation of the plan is available here.

City Council Adopts Plan: The City Council adopted the Bike Walk Central Corridor Action Plan on May 5, 2010.


The goal of the Bike Walk Central Corridor Action Plan is to enhance biking and walking to and within the Central Corridor and foster bicycling and walking as a major portion of the transportation solution. The Plan will achieve this goal of increasing biking and walking travel mode share in the Central Corridor by focusing on five objectives - improving connectivity, enhancing safety, improving the bike-walk experience, fostering creative solutions, and feasibility/functionality. These objectives will inform plan routes, support facilities, amenities and programs.

Here is a FAQ sheet to address some of the common questions that have been received about bike lanes on University. The Bike Walk Corridor February open house presentation is available here.

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This is a map of the project area.