COPS Hiring Recovery Program

Program Overview

The department will hire 50 police officers that are currently being held as vacant positions. The SPPD has three community policing districts. Forty-eight of 50 officers would be assigned to the patrol function (16 per district) enhancing their current complement of beat officers and establishing a “POP” community initiative under the Stimulate St. Paul Program. Two officers would be added to ACOP which supports HUD public housing sites. This grant allows for the expansion of PAL, GREAT, and WAWA initiatives. We will work with our partners to solve problems. For 17 years we have worked together in partnership under our community policing philosophy, “Here for Good". The department has cultivated community initiatives with several groups including: the Wellstone Center, Out Front MN, NAACP, American Family Indian Center, East African Task Force, Hmong American Partnership, and the Muslim American Society. We have community initiatives with new Muslim immigrants. We have our own PAL and GREAT initiatives in partnership with parks and public schools. With HUD, we expanded the ACOP initiative. We work with faith-based community via our partnership with ministers we call "the God Squad". As part of our organizational transformation to a problem-solving department, we established units with a holistic approach designed to prevent, intervene, and suppress gangs and violence against women. We are formal partners with the Metro Gang Strike Force, the MN BCA, USAO, and county probation, as well as the JTTF, DEA & ATF. This grant will allow the continuation of organizational transformation by increasing community partnerships and problem-solving efforts, allowing the SPPD to become a fully functioning community policing organization. GRANT FUNDING OPPORTUNITY NUMBER: COPS-CHRP-2009-1 TITLE: Stimulate St. Paul Program GRANT REQUEST: $10,987,550.00 AWARDED $6.1M SPPD EMPLOYEES HIRED/RETAINED: 50 police officers AWARDED 28 – To be hired October 15, 2009 LENGTH OF GRANT: 3 years Contact: Amy Brown, 266-5507 or Information