Crimes Against Property

The Saint Paul Police Department's Crimes Against Property Unit is comprised of several investigative units: Burglary, Fraud and Forgery, Auto Theft, Arson and the Automated Pawn System. The Crimes Against Property Unit is under the command of Commander Brian Coyle. In addition to investigating these types of crimes, the SPPD provides the public with practical information to avoid becoming a victim. There are Crime Prevention Officers in each district - West, Central and East. For more information, call 651-291-1111.

Fraud, Forgery & ID Theft

Normal hours of operation for the Fraud & Forgery Unit are from Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M to 5 P.M


The Fraud and Forgery Unit is responsible for investigating financial and fraudulent crimes including check forgery, credit card fraud, embezzlement, counterfeits, identity theft, swindles, and financial exploitation of vulnerable adults. Fraud-related crimes continue to increase - primarily in the area of Internet-related offenses. Our investigators partner with various local, state, and federal agencies including the U.S. Postal Service, the U.S. Secret Service, Immigration Customs Enforcement, the Federal Trade Commission, State of Minnesota Alcohol & Gambling Enforcement, and the Minnesota Financial Crimes Task Force to combat these crimes.

To report fraud, and for all non-emergency police calls & information, please call 651-291-1111

Once your police report is made, it will be referred to the Fraud & Forgery Unit for review and investigation.

The Fraud & Forgery unit will review your case and make a decision as to how it will be handled. In many instances, the reporting person will receive a letter asking for additional documentation such as bank statements or affidavits before we can proceed with the case. Also, in many instances once the bank issuing the check or credit cards indemnifies the reporting person for their loss due to fraud, the bank, or the merchants or businesses who accepted the checks or credit cards, then suffers the loss and becomes the actual victim. We will work with those entities as well, to investigate and refer for criminal charges the persons involved. You can help the Saint Paul Police Department combat fraud in our community. The first step is to be a smart consumer. Order the latest edition of the Consumer Handbook from the Federal Citizen Information Center at 202-501-1794. Click here for information on VICTIM INFORMATION for ID theft, banking fraud and credit card & check thefts IF YOU RECEIVED A WORTHLESS CHECK:

The Saint Paul Police Department and the Office of the Saint Paul City Attorney along with Financial Crimes Services have implemented a Worthless Check Diversion Program to recover restitution from individuals issuing NSF, account closed, refer to maker, and worthless electronic checks. Also included are ACH and Debit Card charge backs for goods and services provided by Saint Paul businesses and residents. This program offers businesses and residents a NO COST opportunity to recover losses from individuals who write worthless checks within city limits that do not exceed $1500.

The goals of the Check Diversion Program are to:

  • Increase the amount of restitution to victims of bad checks
  • Increase the accountability for all worthless check writers
  • Reduce the quantity of repeat worthless check activity

Diversion Program

Checks/Closed Accounts


Email: For security reasons, you must enable JavaScript to view this E-mail address.


Checks not eligible for the program include promissory notes and/or arrangements to hold the check for deposit or credit extensions, second party checks, checks in which partial payment has been made, or checks that are currently in collections by a collections agency or attorney (checks can be forwarded to the Check Diversion Program after the agency has sent them back as uncollectible).

If the check is greater than $1500, please call 651-291-1111 and request a police report.


Before making a police report, read and follow the instructions provided in the following Reporting White Collar Crime Packet, click here.

After completing your internal investigation and audit, provide the requested documentation either by mail or in person to the Saint Paul Police Department, Fraud and Forgery Unit, 367 Grove Street, St. Paul, MN. 55101. Upon receipt of the items outlined above, we will begin our investigation. You will be given a complaint number corresponding to this investigation. We will use the numbers you have created for your incidents of theft to present this evidence which will support your claim of embezzlement, if we find that the elements for theft have been met.

For a sample fraud examination report provided by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) useful for reporting your own internal fraud investigation click here.

IF SOMEONE HAS STOLEN YOUR IDENTITY RESULTING IN FRAUDULENT ARREST OR CRIMINAL HISTORY RECORDS: Contact the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) at 651-793-2400 and request a Questioned Identity Form. Fill out the form and submit it to the BCA. The BCA will undertake to investigate and clear the record, if a claim of ID theft is verified.