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City of Saint Paul Ordinance Chapter 267 deals with Excessive Consumption of Police Services (ECPSO). The Saint Paul Police Department has instituted a program to track nuisance properties which experience excessive calls to a specific location. This will provide motivation for the property owners to actively participate in solving the problems on their property. This ordinance is not intended to penalize victims of certain crimes or activities nor become a revenue producer for the city.

A nuisance event includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • loud and boisterous conduct
  • noises and activities disturbing the peace
  • congregation of two or more persons in intoxicated condition or under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • fighting or use of obscene or inflammatory language
  • loud music constituting a nuisance or disturbing the peace
  • activities causing excessive pedestrian, vehicular traffic and parking problems and congestion
  • events occurring after 11:00 p.m. to sunrise of the following day which disturb the peace and tranquility of the neighborhood
  • use and display of narcotics, illegal drugs and controlled substances and paraphernalia for its use
  • congregating in a tumultuous, noisy or rowdy crowd
  • indecent exposure or lewd conduct

Calls for service will not be considered a "nuisance event" where the victim and suspect are "family or household members" as defined in the Domestic Abuse Act 518B.01 sub. 2(b) or reports of crimes regarding stalking or harassment.

The responsible person is a person who owns the property where the nuisance event takes place and/or a person in charge of the premises, and/or a person who organized or served as a host of the nuisance event. If the responsible person is a minor, then the parents or guardians of that minor will be considered responsible person.

Initial police response to a nuisance event where the officer determines that there is an immediate threat to the public peace, health, safety or general welfare may result in an arrest and/or citation for violations of state or local laws or ordinances, as always.

The on-scene officers are advised that they should not attempt to use this ordinance in a threatening manner or for leverage in advising parties not to call the police. Individuals should have no fear in calling the police for help at any time.

The Saint Paul Police Department assists landlords or property owners in finding solutions to reduce the number of nuisance calls to the property before any fines or penalties are imposed or accessed. Helpful tips for prevention may be found on our Crime Prevention page.  Other solutions may include landlord training, security, crime prevention tips or any other police knowledge which could curb nuisance calls.

Last Edited: August 18, 2021