Your regular collection will be delayed one day if it falls on or after the following observed holidays:

  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Day

If your regular garbage collection day falls on or after one of these holidays, your garbage will be collected one day later than normal for that week.  In other words, if the holiday is on a Thursday, garbage normally on Thursday will be collected on Friday that week, and garbage normally on Friday will be collected on Saturday that week.  Make sure your garbage is out at the collection location by 6 a.m., that your cart is at least 2 feet clear of all objects, and not blocked by cars, snow, other carts, or other obstructions.

Holiday Tree Collection

You can have one live seasonal tree collected by your garbage hauler, at no additional cost, between January 2 and January 15 each year. If it meets the requirements below it does not count as a bulky item.

Illustration of a holiday tree next to a garbage cart.
  • Place your tree next to your garbage cart on your regular collection day between January 2 and January 15. You do not need to call your hauler to schedule your seasonal tree collection during this time.
  • All trees must have decorations and stands removed.
  • No artificial trees. Flocked trees are acceptable.
  • Seasonal trees must be no larger than 6 feet in length and 20 pounds in weight.
  • Lay the tree next to the garbage cart (do not place it upright in the snow or lean it against your garbage or recycling cart). Make sure the tree is not obstructing your carts.
  • Limit 1 seasonal tree per household (or 1 tree per unit for multi-unit properties).

Additional seasonal trees, artificial trees, or trees larger than 6 feet in length can be collected as a bulky item. Call your hauler to schedule collection of a 2nd tree, artificial tree, a tree taller than 6 feet, or a tree to be collected after January 15.

You can also bring your seasonal tree to a Ramsey County yard waste site to be composted for free. Click here to view collection site hours and locations.

Last Edited: January 10, 2020