Food Scraps (Organics Recycling) Drop-Offs

A great way to reduce waste is to recycle your food scraps! Collect food scraps separately from your trash and take them to a food scraps (organics recycling) collection location. The food scraps will be transported from the collection site to an industrial compost facility where it will break down and become compost. The finished compost is used in gardens, landscaping, and construction projects. 

There are 8 food scraps (organics) drop-off sites located in Saint Paul. Some drop-off sites are open 24/7 and some drop-off sites (which are located at the Ramsey County Yard Waste sites) have limited hours. See below for more details.

How To Recycle Food Scraps

  1. Pick up FREE compostable bags (limit 2 each time you come) at any of the 24/7 drop-off sites or the Ramsey County Yard Waste drop-off sites.
  2. Fill the bags with food waste and other accepted materials.
  3. Bring the bagged materials to a 24/7 drop-off site or to a Ramsey County Yard Waste drop-off site.
  4. Put the bagged materials in the designated Food Scraps Recycling (Organics) container.

For more information on what materials are accepted, visit Ramsey County Food Scraps Drop-Off.

man dropping a compostable bag into a dumpster at a compost drop-off dumpster

24/7 Drop-off Site Locations

All sites are free and open to all Ramsey County residents. Sites are accessible 24 hours a day, year-round.

*NEW* Union Park Drop-off Site

This site is operated by the Lex-Ham Community Council.

At the corner of Carroll Ave. & Griggs St. N., Saint Paul

Lex-Ham Community Council

Highland Park Drop-off Site

This site is operated by the Highland Park District Council.

800 Snelling Ave. S.  Saint Paul

Enclosure located in parking lot across from water tower.

Highland Park District Council

Como Park Drop-off Site

This site is operated by the Como Park Community District Council.

1149 Beulah Lane, Saint Paul

 Como Park Drop-off Site

Macalester-Groveland Drop-off Site

This site is operated by the Macalester-Groveland District Council.

1647 Grand Ave, Saint Paul

Enclosure located in parking lot across from 1648 Grand Ave

Macalester-Groveland Drop-off Site

(Sign-up on their site to receive updates and other details.)

Food Scraps (Organics Recycling) at Ramsey County Yard Waste Sites

Drop off source separated household organics at Ramsey County yard waste sites during regular site hours. Keep organics separate from yard waste. 

There are 4 Ramsey County yard waste sites located in Saint Paul. For hours and locations, visit Ramsey County's Food Scraps Drop-Off.

Learn More!

New Food Scraps Pickup Program

Ramsey and Washington counties are working together to bring residents a new way to recycle food scraps from home: the food scraps pickup program. By keeping food scraps – like fruit and vegetable peels, eggshells and coffee grounds – out of the trash, residents can help provide economic, environmental and health benefits to the community. Participation will be free and available to all residents, regardless of housing type or trash hauler. The program will be rolling out in phases over multiple years, starting in 2023. 

For more information, visit or call 651-661-9393. 

Last Edited: October 25, 2023