Recycle It Forward

The Recycle it Forward project incorporated a variety of assessment tools to gather input from the community over a nine month period. View all reports and additional information below:

Wilder Research Foundation Final Report: Recycle it Forward: A comprehensive assessment fo recycling and waste management [97 pages] 

Executive Summary: Recycle it Forward: A comprehensive assessment of recycling and waste management [10 pages] 

Summary BriefReport Brief [2 pages]


Wilder Research Foundation Mailed Survey Questions: Residential Survey Questions 

Wilder Research Foundation Final Report for Ramsey County Public Health: Solid Waste Management in Ramsey County 


Additional Information:

Community Clean Up Event Survey Summary: Community Clean Up Event

Eureka Recycling Zero Waste Composting Report: Zero Waste Composting Report

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Policy Plan Fact Sheet: Metropolitan Solid Waste Management Policy Plan 2010-2030

Open Saint Paul Public Comment Summary: Open Saint Paul 

Last Edited: July 7, 2016