Recycle Holiday Lights

Getting rid of old and broken holiday lights? Don't throw them away- recycle them!

String lights and electrical cords cannot be placed in your residential recycling carts. They can cause damage at recycling processing facilities by tangling around the equipment. String lights and cords must be handled separately for recycling.

Drop off string lights and miscellaneous electrical cords to be recycled at any Saint Paul Public Library (SPPL) or at Saint Paul Regional Water Services (1900 Rice St) from November 27, 2023 to January 22, 2024.

woman tangled in holiday lights



 Holiday Lights Cord Adapters
 Electrical Cords Batteries/Battery Packs
 Telephone Cords Plastic Rope Lights
 Charging Cables CFL Bulbs

Additional Cardboard Recycling

During the holidays, gift boxes, large boxes, and shipping boxes pile up! This extra cardboard can be difficult to fit into your recycling cart and may draw unwanted attention to your home as a target for burglaries. See below for more information on how to recycle excess cardboard.

Seasonal Drop Off

December 4, 2023- January 2, 2024

Saint Paul Police Western Police District

In an effort to prevent burglaries and keep cardboard out of the trash, the Saint Paul Recycling Program has partnered with the Saint Paul Police Department and Eureka Recycling to collect cardboard from December 4, 2023 to January 2, 2024.

Flatten your extra cardboard and drop it off at the Saint Paul Police Western District (389 Hamline Ave. N). The collection dumpster is located in the visitor parking lot. The drop off is open 24/7.

Year-round Drop-off

Open Year-round

309 Como Ave

The Recycling Drop-off Center is open year-round. All cardboard must be flattened.

Picture of flattened cardboard.

Recycling Drop-off Center

Set Extras Next to Recycling Carts

Extra cardboard may be placed next to your residential recycling cart. cardboard must be flattened and cut to a size that could fit in the cart. 

Last Edited: November 14, 2023