Snow Emergency Parking Map

This map shows information where parking is allowed during the Day and Night phases of a snow emergency. Red lines indicate areas where parking is not allowed during the selected phase of the snow emergency, while an unmarked street indicates standard parking rules apply to that area during the selected phase.
Note: By default this map does not show any parking restrictions, you must select a phase using the instructions below before any restrictions will be shown.
To view where parking is allowed for Day or Night phases:
  1. Click the ">>" icon to expand the map legend
  2. Select either Day Plow Route or Night Plow Route (make sure only one of these is selected) to see areas where parking is allowed during those phases.
  3. You can change the map phase by checking the box for the phase you would like to see and unchecking the other.

Disclaimer: This map is to be used as a helpful guideline. The City of Saint Paul has attempted to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided on this map. However, Plow Route street signs are the definitive source of information and override information provided on this map.