Special parking rules go into effect when the City of Saint Paul declares a Snow Emergency. All residents and visitors must move their vehicles off of the streets according to the winter parking rules. Vehicles that are not parked according to the winter parking rules will be ticketed and towed up to 96 hours after a Snow Emergency went into effect. Always follow all posted signs. Do not park vehicles where signs say "No Parking."

After the first two phases (Night and Day Plow Routes) of the Snow Emergency are complete, the Clean Up Phase begins. During the Clean Up Phase, crews will be doing additional plowing, salting, and "push backs" as needed.  Any vehicle parked in an area that has not been plowed to the curb is subject to ticketing and towing for 96 hours after the Snow Emergency initially took effect at 9 p.m.

If your vehicle was towed during a Snow Emergency:

  1. Visit stpaul.gov/impound to find where your car is located and for more information. Enter either the car's license plate number or its vehicle identification number (VIN), and press the "Find Vehicle" button.​ If it is not at the lot, wait an hour and try again, as your vehicle may be in transit.
    • 1129 Cathlin Street (across from the State Fairgrounds) - 651-502-7480 (NEW NUMBER FOR 2023-2024 snow season)
    • Please note: Impound lots are extremely busy during a Snow Emergency, staff may be unable to answer the phone at times.
  2. Only registered vehicle owners can reclaim or pick up vehicles from the impound lots. Bring with you to the impound lot:
    • Proof of vehicle ownership: title, bill of sale or lease agreement
    • Valid photo ID or driver's license (a valid license is needed to drive the vehicle from the lot)
    • Proof of insurance for the vehicle that you are picking up
    • Cash, Visa, or Mastercard to pay your fees (see below)
    • Keys to the vehicle that you are picking up

To report a vehicle that needs to be towed:

During a Snow Emergency (96 hours only)

During the Night Plow phase (9 p.m. – 7 a.m.), ticketers and tow companies are working on Night Plow Routes. During the Day Plow phase (8 a.m.-5 p.m.), ticketers and tow companies are working on Day Plow routes.

During the Night and Day Plow phases of a Snow Emergency, the City cannot take any reports of vehicles that have not moved.

Beginning at 5 p.m., after the Day Plow Phase is completed, residents can report vehicles parked on the street that have not moved by:

  • Calling 651-266-9800, option 2

    • Please report the following information:
    • Location of the vehicle (e.g. address and/or cross streets)
    • Make, model and color of the vehicle
    • License plate (if possible)

At All Other Times (not a Snow Emergency)

  • Call Saint Paul Police Parking Enforcement at 651-291-1111 (non-emergency dispatch number)

Snow Emergency Ticket and Towing Fees

  • $56.00 parking ticket. The Parking Ticket cannot be paid at the impound lot. Payment will be made to the Minnesota Courts.
  • $226.46 towing/impound lot fees if you pick it up before midnight the day it is towed. The towing/impound lot fees along with any additional storage fees must be paid to get your vehicle out of the impound lot. ($128 for towing; $80 for impound lot administration fee; $18.46 in sales tax).
  • $15.00 storage fee per day is added for each additional day the vehicle is at the impound lot.

Last Edited: January 2, 2024