The Snow Emergency Lot at 1129 Cathlin Street is open. 

To locate your vehicle, click this link SPPD's vehicle search locator.  

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Costs Include:

  • $226.46 (cash or credit) to get your vehicle out of the impound lot if you pick it up before midnight the day it is towed.
  • A $15 storage fee is added to this amount for each additional day the vehicle is on the lot.
  • Parking Ticket:  $56.00 (which is payable at the Ramsey County Traffic Violations Bureau, online or in person there).

To reclaim a vehicle, residents are reminded to bring the following items with them to the impound lot:

  • Proof of vehicle ownership: Title, Bill of Sale or Lease Agreement If the vehicle has been registered within the last 4-8 weeks
  • Valid Photo ID* or Driver's License** is sufficient proof of ownership for vehicles that have been registered for more than 8 weeks.
  • Proof of current insurance for the vehicle that you are picking up
  • Cash or credit cards to pay your fees
  • Keys to the vehicle

*Accepted forms of ID: State issued ID, Permit or Drivers License, Passport, Military ID or Consulate ID

**If the owner of the vehicle does not have a drivers license they will need 2 licensed drivers to accompany them. If the vehicle owner takes a cab, Uber or bus to the impound lot they must have 1 licensed driver with them, along with the receipt from the cab or Uber, or a bus transfer.

If you are not the registered vehicle owner you will need:

  • Personal Vehicle: Same last name and same address or a notarized letter with a copy of the owners photo ID.
  • Rental or Company owned vehicle: The company must be notified by the driver and will only be released with faxed authorization from the company.
  • Repossession: An Affidavit of Repossession (or Writ of Replevin) and a lien holder's card are required in order to release a vehicle to a lien holder or their authorized representative

Tow Lot Locations:

Map of Barge Channel Road lot - All vehicles towed by the Police Department (with the exception of vehicles towed for violating snow emergency parking rules).

Map of Cathlin Street lot - All vehicles towed for violating snow emergency parking rules are towed to 1129 Cathlin Street.

The impound lots are managed by the Saint Paul Police Department 651-291-1111.

Last Edited: January 11, 2024