Residential Disability Parking Zone FAQ

What is a Residential Disability Parking Zone? 
A Residential Disability Parking Zone is a space reserved on the street for people that have a Disability Certificate, permanent disability license plate, or Disability Placard.

Who can apply for a Residential Disabled Parking Zone in front of their residence?
• Homeowners and renters may apply.
• Renters will have to get permission from the landlord or leasing company.
• Applicant must have a valid disability license plate, or a long term (13 - 71 months) or permanent (6 years) disability certificate from the State of Minnesota.
• Applicants that rely on Metro Mobility or other accessible transportation must provide proof of rider history.
• Temporary or short-term (12 months or less) certificates are not eligible.

What other requirements are there?
• Zones are not installed in driving lanes.
• Zones are not installed where parking is prohibited.
• Zones are not installed if the person has access to a driveway or other accessible off street parking.
• Zones are not installed if there are other Disability Parking Zones nearby that could be used.
• Anyone parking in a Residential Disability Parking Zone must have a current Disability license plate or placard showing.
• Anyone parking in a Residential Disability Parking Zone must follow all posted parking restrictions. 

Do I need to own a car to apply for a Residential Disability Parking Zone?
No. Many disabled people who do not own cars need zones for caregivers, or for pick up and drop off. If an applicant needs pick up/drop off only, we will recommend a Passenger Loading Zone. A Passenger Loading Zone works better when the applicant does not need long term parking, and when there are other people in the area with disability certificates that would use a disability parking space.

Where do I obtain or renew a disability parking certificate or disability license plates?
Disability license plates and certificates are issued by the Driver and Vehicle Services division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. For information and application forms, contact DVS by phone at 651-297-3377, or visit

City Hall Annex

Where do I apply for a Residential Disability Parking Zone?
Applications can be obtained at the address above 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM Monday - Friday, or online by clicking this link. Applications can be mailed or hand delivered to the following address: 
Traffic Division
800 City Hall Annex
25 West 4th Street Saint Paul, MN 55102

Can anybody with disability certificates or plates park in the Residential Disability Parking Zone in front of my home?
Yes - anyone with a Disability plate or placard can park there. Residential Disability Parking Zones do not reserve a space for the applicant.

How long can a Residential Disability Parking Zone be?
Zones can be a maximum of 30 feet in length. Additionally, the zone must be within the frontage of the applicant’s property. 

How much does it cost to have a zone installed in front of my home?
The applicant is asked to pay one-half the costs of signing, installing and maintaining the zone. Costs can vary depending on where signs have to be installed, and will be determined if the application is approved. Costs range from $164 to $533. Do not send a check with your application. You must receive an approval letter and bill before we can take payment.

How long does it take to review my application?
The normal review process takes 2-4 weeks. Applications from renters and commercial businesses take longer.

I got my approval letter and paid for the zone, when will it be installed?
Residential Disability Parking Zones are usually installed within 5 weeks of payment being accepted. Signs will not be installed during winter months when the ground is frozen. 

Is there any maintenance or renewal for signs that are installed?
There are no extra costs to maintain signs once the original fee is paid. We do need to keep our information up to date so we will call or send you a letter if we have expired certificates on file.

How do I get a Residential Disability Parking Zone removed from in front of my home?
Call the Traffic Division at 651-266-6200. There is no cost to remove signs.