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Bike racks in front of business.

East Side Bike Parking Project

In 2021, the City of Saint Paul will be installing bike racks at several locations in east side neighborhoods. New bike racks will provide community members a place to safely and comfortably park their bike as they spend time working, shopping, dining, and visiting this part of the City.

Bike racks will be installed in the public right of way and are open for anyone to use. Look for them popping up near your favorite business or organization this spring and summer!  

For more information on the East Side Bike Parking Project, please contact:
Jimmy Shoemaker

The East Side Bike Parking Project is a one-time project to increase bike parking near businesses and organizations on the east side of Saint Paul.

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Neighborhood Bike Rack Program

One of the goals of the City of Saint Paul’s Comprehensive Plan is to create public bike parking facilities to increase bicycling citywide. To meet that goal, the Department of Public Works offers the Neighborhood Bike Rack Program.

Through the Neighborhood Bike Rack Program, Saint Paul businesses and organizations can request the installation of approved bike racks on public right of way in front of their property at no cost. In return, the applicant agrees to provide snow removal to maintain access to the bike racks during the winter.

In order to be eligible for the program, your business or organization must be located in the City of Saint Paul, and must be able to demonstrate a lack of space feasible for bike rack installation on your property. Also, all bike rack installations must meet all applicable accessibility and construction standards. For details about the bike rack program, including eligibility requirements, responsibilities, and restrictions, read the Neighborhood Bike Rack Program Guide.

To apply for the program, fill out the Neighborhood Bike Rack Program Application and return it to the contact person identified on the form. The Neighborhood Bike Rack Program is an ongoing Public Works program and is available to businesses and organizations throughout Saint Paul.

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Move Minnesota Bike Parking Cost-Sharing

If your property is not eligible to take part in the City of Saint Paul's Neighborhood Bike Rack Program, or if the best location for bike racks at your facility is not on public property, Move Minnesota has a similar cost-sharing program that may better suit your needs. Information and an online application form can be found on the Move Minnesota website.

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Bike Corrals

Bike corrals can comfortably store 10 to 12 bikes in the space it takes to store a single vehicle. The City of Saint Paul allows the installation of on-street bike corrals for shared use by the public. Purchase, ownership, and maintenance of the racks and the corral space is the responsibility of the adjacent business or organization. For more information, see the City Bike Corral Policy or contact City staff listed below. 



For more information on bike corrals in Saint Paul, please contact:
Jimmy Shoemaker

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Bike Map with Bike Parking

Explore the Saint Paul bikeways. Zoom in to find bike parking locations.

Bike Map

Last Edited: March 16, 2021