The majority of animals sheltered at Saint Paul Animal Control (SPAC) that are not reunited with their owners are released to approved rescue partners. Saint Paul Animal Control currently promotes partner release over direct adoption to ensure animals receive prompt veterinary services and find new homes as quickly as possible.

How are we doing?

Saint Paul Animal Control has had an overall live release rate of 90% or higher since 2016.

  Dogs Puppies Cats Kittens Total
2016 90.5% 100% 87.6% 100% 90.8%
2017 94.9% 100% 95.3% 97.1% 95.4%
2018 93.3% 100% 92.3% 98.4% 93.7%
2019 95.1% 100% 95.2% 97.7% 95.9%
2020 93.8% 100% 94.8% 97% 94.7%

Full reports are available upon request.

Why are some animals euthanized?

Saint Paul Animal Control euthanizes animals if: the animal is sick, injured, or suffering beyond the point where veterinary medicine can help, or if the animal is a bite risk, either due to known history or observed behavior in shelter. This may include animals that cannot be safely sheltered due to in-kennel behavior, like self-harm or psychological deterioration. Saint Paul Animal Control could also have to euthanize animals due to lack of available space, but hasn't been in that situation for many years.

Animal Rescue/Rehoming Organizations

The following organizations are currently approved to pull animals from Saint Paul Animal Control. If you're interested in helping SPAC Animals, consider fostering local pets with one of these organizations!

A Rotta Love Plus
Animal Humane Society 
Angel of Hope Rescue
Animal Ark
Being Advocates for Rescued K-9s (BARK)
Bitty Kitty Brigade 
Chicken Run Rescue
Corner of Kindness
Diamond in the Ruff
Feline Rescue, Inc.
4 Pits Sake Rescue
Fur-ever Home Rescue
Kitty Revolution 
Last Hope, Inc.
Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue
No Dog Left Behind
New Leash Rescue 
Paws and Claws Humane Society
Pet Haven
Pet Project Rescue
Rescued Pets are Wonderful
Rescued Tails Animal Sanctuary
Ruff Start Rescue
Save-A-Bull Rescue
Second Chance Animal Rescue
Twin Cities Pet Rescue
The Rescue Crew
Wags & Whiskers Animal Rescue

Other 501(c)(3) registered animal rescue groups may apply to become an approved rescue. For more information call SPAC at (651) 266-1100.


For now, Saint Paul Animal Control offers only a limited number of animals for adoption. All dogs and cats must be spayed or neutered, rabies vaccinated, and microchipped before leaving the shelter. The adoption fee is $50 + the cost of veterinary care. If you are interested in adoption, contact Saint Paul Animal Control to see if we have any animals available for adoption. In most cases, interested people are referred to our rescue partners.


If you have questions, contact our Animal Control office at 651-266-1100, or email the DSI Message Center

Last Edited: April 2, 2021