Domestic animals that have bitten or demonstrated other aggressive behaviors are investigated to determine if they should be declared "dangerous" or "potentially dangerous" under Minnesota State Statute and Saint Paul City Ordinance. 

Saint Paul Animal Control (SPAC) conducts these investigations and makes declarations. The declaration is based on whether the incident was provoked or unprovoked, and the severity of the incident.

There are three types of declarations that may be issued, based on the investigation:

  1. Potentially Dangerous Animal (Standard or with Enhancements)
  2. Dangerous Animal
  3. Destruct Order

Any animal that bites a person or another animal or approaches a person or another animal in an "attitude of attack" is subject to investigation. The animal may be impounded and kenneled at SPAC for the duration of the investigation, until compliance is met. The owner is responsible for pay all fees associated with impoundment and care while the animal is at SPAC.

Declared animals must comply with certain requirements to safeguard the public against future attacks or aggression. SPAC conducts annual and complaint-based inspections to ensure these requirements are met.

Declaring “Potentially Dangerous” and “Dangerous” Animals

Last Edited: February 1, 2022