The City of Saint Paul allows temporary banners to be placed on light poles. The following items must be included in the permit application package in order for it to be considered. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Complete the online banner permit application form.

Send the following items to

      2.  A copy of your certificate of insurance.

      3. Electronic sample file of the banner to be displayed, to scale.

      4. Detailed list and/or map of the specific locations for the banners.

Upon approval of your banner permit, submit payment of $79 non-refundable permit fee for the Department of Safety and Inspections.

  • OPTION 1: Pay by phone with credit* by calling the DSI main line at 651-266-8989. Ask to speak with one of our clerks regarding a sign permit payment.
  • OPTION 2: Pay in person with cash, check, or credit card* at the Department of Safety and Inspections (address listed below). 
  • OPTION 3: Pay by mail with a check. Address envelope as follows:
    Attention: Sign Permit Payment
    Department of Safety and Inspections
    375 Jackson St., Suite 220
    St. Paul, MN 55105

*Please note that all credit and debit card transactions are charged a 2.49% service fee. This charge will appear as a separate charge on your statement.


Requests should be submitted at least 10 business days before the requested date to install the banners. Failure to do so and incomplete information in request materials may result in delays. For the most current information on banner requests, please check this page each time you apply for a banner permit.

Step 1: After you complete and submit the banner request application and submit the required supporting documents to, you will be contacted via email or by phone from a representative of the Mayor's Office to inform you of your permit request status within 5-7 business days. The representative may discuss the purpose of your event related to the banners.

Step 2:  Shortly after submitting your requests, a representative from the Department of Safety and Inspections (DSI) will verify if sponsorship advertisement on the banner design meets ordinance code (no more than 15 % of the banner) and verify the liability insurance provided is in good standing. 

Step 3: If both criteria above are satisfactory, your request will be approved and you will be instructed to work directly with the installation technicians. For light pole banners, you will need to coordinate the delivery and installation with Mike Lusian, Street Lighting Division of the Department of Public Works, by phone at 651-266-9780 or via e-mail to If arrangements are not made to pick up banners after they are taken down, the banners will be disposed of. 

Note: Final determination to complete the banner installation will be at the discretion of Public Works.

Lightpole Banner

Current Rates & Payment

$84 per light pole banner, total due for installation and removal upon delivery of banners to Public Works; an additional fee of $339 per light pole is required if the poles need a set of brackets installed. 
$79 for permit fee. Payable by cash, check or credit card to DSI if approved. Mail payment to Department of Safety and Inspections, 375 Jackson St., Suite #220, Saint Paul, MN 55101. Please note that all credit and debit card transactions are charged a 2.49% service fee.

If you are interested in putting up other types of signs or not sure what your permit request requires, please visit the Department of Safety & Inspections (DSI) permit page.

Last Edited: September 1, 2022