Plumbing / Gas


When is a permit required?

If you are going to install new, alter, replace, repair, relocate, reinstall, or change the waste and/or vent, water, or gas for a plumbing system,  the Saint Paul Department of Safety and Inspections requires that you obtain a plumbing permit.

Why are permits necessary?

  • Properly functioning plumbing systems protect the health of the citizens. 
  • Plumbing systems carry both drinking water and wastewater. If the wastewater mixes with the drinking water, there is a chance people using that system could get sick.
  • A plumbing system built according to the plumbing code is a safe system.

Permits are available in the following categories:

Who Can Apply?

Homeowners applying for Plumbing, Gas Fitting, and Inside Water Piping Permits must apply in person. The only plumbing permits available online are repair and/or replace for contractors only.

Plumbing Inspections

When you are ready for a plumbing inspection, please contact your Plumbing Inspector listed on your permit.  You may also see the Plumbing Inspector Area Map link for the inspector in your area or call 651-266-8989image.  Plumbing Inspectors are available from 7:30 am – 9:00 am Monday through Friday.


Upcoming Plumbing Certificate of Competency Exam Dates:

  • 2019 dates TBD