General Information

A temporary sign is a sign, flag, banner, pennant or valance constructed of cloth, canvas, light fabric, cardboard, wallboard or other light materials, with or without frames, which is not permanently secured. A portable sign shall not be deemed to be a temporary sign.

Code Requirements

See Chapter 64 of the Saint Paul Legislative Code for information about temporary signs and banners.

Application Requirements

You must submit the following:

Additional Information

Temporary Sign Permit Fees & Inspections

Inspection are made to assure compliance with the temporary sign regulations, including verification of its removal after the expiration date.


Temporary Sign Application $78.00


A temporary sign or banner is allowed for up to three nonconsecutive times per calendar year, each not to exceed 30 days; or once a year not to exceed 90 days, except that such signs may remain in place during the time of the construction of a building, during the time a building is offered for sale, rent or lease, until the closing date of sale, or as otherwise regulated in the Zoning Code.


Last Edited: May 1, 2020