This license is for businesses who sell or offer for sale at retail any liquid fuel (including oil which may be used for heating purposes) to consumers or who holds themselves out to the public as one who sells or offers for sale any liquid fuel at retail to consumers. It shall not include persons employed as solicitors or sales men for dealers. If you have questions, contact DSI at 651-266-8989, or email the DSI Message Center.

Code Requirements

See Chapter 332 of the Saint Paul Legislative Code for information about liquid fuel dealers.

Application Requirements 

You must submit the following:

Inspections A Liquid Fuel Dealer License requires inspection approvals from Licensing (Phone: 651-266-8989) and Zoning (Phone: 651-266-9008).


See Fee Table for current License fees.


A Liquid Fuel Dealer License expires one year from date of issue and may be renewed annually. Related vehicle licenses expire on the same date.

Last Edited: November 9, 2023