A club or charitable, religious or other nonprofit organization in existence for at least three years, or a political committee registered under Minnesota Statutes, Section 10A.14, may obtain a temporary on-sale license to sell non-intoxicating malt liquor on the premises specified in the license, including playgrounds, school grounds, and school buildings. Such license shall be issued for a period not to exceed four consecutive days. No more than three (3) four-day, four (4) three-day, two (2) six-day, or 12 one-day temporary licenses, in any combination not to exceed 12 days per year. No outside service area shall be permitted unless safety barriers or other enclosures are provided. No outside service area shall be located on public property or upon any street, alley, or sidewalk. Must have permission from Parks Dept. to serve 3.2 Malt in City parks. No liquor consumption (i.e. malt-strong, wine, liquor, etc.) is allowed in City parks.

Code Requirements

See Chapter 409.25of the Saint Paul Legislative Code for information about temporary on sale liquor licenses.

Application Requirements

  • Malt-on Sale Temp 3.2 application.pdf (1.87 MB)
  • Proof of non-profit status in existence for a minimum of three years
  • A letter of intent for requesting the temporary license (including the nature of the event, whether it is public or private, address of the event, date and hours during which liquor will be sold / served, and the proposed use and disbursement of profits from the sales)
  • A letter of consent from owner lawfully responsible for premise for which license is requested
  • A copy of permission from Parks Department (for park events)
  • A Liquor Liability Certificate of Insurance (including the corporate name, DBA, event address, policy number, dates of liquor coverage)
  • Required fee


This review may include on site inspections(s) to verify compliance with applicable regulations.


See Fee Table for current License fees. 


A Malt-On Sale (Temporary) License is valid only during the date(s) of the specific event.

Last Edited: October 2, 2023