This license is for any natural person, partnership or corporation, either as a principal or agent or employee thereof, whose regular business includes selling or receiving tangible personal properties, excluding motor vehicles, previously owned, used, rented or leased.

Computer / electronic items - Any person who deals in secondhand computer or electronic items such as computers, dvd players, compact disc players, computer game players, dvds, compact discs, computer games, palm pilots, or other similar types of items will be required to have a separated designation on the license as computer/electronic secondhand dealer.

Antique dealers - Any person who offers for sale any used property upon the basis, express or implied, that the value of the property, in whole or in substantial part, is derived from its age, historical association, or collectible status and where at least ninety (90%) percent of the inventory on hand at all times consists of antiques.

For a business where two or more secondhand goods dealers are engaged in business by maintaining separate sales space and identifying themselves to the public as individual dealers, see Secondhand Dealer - Multiple Dealer License. For an exhibition, convention, show or exposition of secondhand goods or antiques for a limited period of time, see Secondhand Dealer - Exhibition License. If you have questions, contact DSI at 651-266-8989, or email the DSI Message Center.

Code Requirements

See Chapter 355 of the Saint Paul Legislative Code for information about second hand dealers.

Reporting Requirements Letter

Application Requirements

You must submit the following:

  • Class N License Application
  • Submit location information of where business records will be kept and/or maintained, as well as proposed business hours of operation.
  • Required fee


Your application will be administratively reviewed by DSI Licensing, Zoning and Fire Inspection staff. This review may include on-site inspections(s) to verify compliance with applicable regulations. You will be informed of any required inspections including the name and telephone number of the inspector after the submission of a completed license application. The location must be in compliance with all applicable regulations and/or license conditions before any license may be issued.


See Fee Table for current License fees.


A Secondhand Dealer License will expire one year from the date of issuance and may be renewed annually.

Last Edited: November 9, 2023