Who is responsible for clearing sidewalks?

Property owners or managers are responsible for clearing sidewalks of snow and ice in front of their home or business within 24 hours of the most recent snowfall or ice accumulation (Ch 113, 114.)  

Many people rely on our sidewalks to get around. Keeping our sidewalks clear for everyone makes our city easier and safer to navigate.

And let's be honest - who doesn't love a perfectly-shoveled sidewalk?

Reporting a sidewalk that is not cleared

To report a sidewalk that's a safety hazard and needs shoveling, use the Report An Incident form, email us or call 651-266-8989. 

  • We will need the street address of the property; please be certain it is within City limits! 

Complaints about snow or ice that need to be cleared at Metro Transit bus shelters and benches may also be made directly by calling MTC at 612-373-3333; ask to be connected to Shelter Maintenance. 

Shoveling guide

  • Clear sidewalks on all sides of your property, the full width of the sidewalk down to bare pavement. 
  • Remove all ice from sidewalks. After the sidewalk is clear, sprinkling a little sand and paw-friendly salt can help prevent slipping. 
  • Pile snow onto your yard or the boulevard. It's unlawful to shovel snow into streets and alleys. 
  • If you have a corner property, clear curb cuts at corners and crosswalks to the street gutter. 
  • You are not required to clear snow ridges or piles left by plows beyond the gutter... but your neighbors will love you for it.

 Need a visual guide? Check out this informative video

Last Edited: November 2, 2023