Saint Paul Regional Water Services Lifts Mandatory Watering Restrictions as of September 24

SPRWS Customers Are Encouraged to Continue Conservation Efforts

With rain bringing much needed relief from the drought in several areas across the state, Saint Paul Regional Water Services is no longer mandating watering restrictions.

"Saint Paul Regional Water Services applauds the efforts of our customers in reducing water use during the most severe stages of this year’s drought," said SPRWS General Manager Patrick Shea. "With the rainfall received in the area in the past few weeks, we are lifting all mandatory water restrictions for our customers.”

Restrictions are lifted as of September 24, 2021.

Mississippi River flows are well above the 2,000 cubic feet per second that triggers drought action measures. Water use continues to drop as the beginning of fall weather brings in cooler daytime temperatures and fewer hours of sunshine.

The utility continues to encourage customers to practice water conservation measures where they can as a matter of general water use.

Water Conservation Measures:

  • Water grass only when needed. Most lawns only need an inch of water a week.
  • Adjust lawn mower to height of 3 - 4 inches. Taller grass shades roots and holds moisture.
  • Leave lawn clippings on your grass, this cools the ground and holds in moisture.
  • Take shorter showers using low flow showerheads instead of baths.
  • Turn the faucet off while you shave or brush your teeth.
  • Fill the sink to wash dishes by hand instead of letting the water run.
  • Run dishwashers and washing machines only when fully loaded.

For more water conservation tips, visit SPRWS's water conservation page.

Last Edited: September 24, 2021