A web based application that handles the scheduling calendar for the 3 large conference rooms in the basement of City Hall/County Courthouse. In order to use these rooms, meetings must be scheduled at least 24 hrs in advance. If you are in need of a room on short notice, please contact Building Maintenance at 651-266-8400.


City, State and County employees who find themselves scheduling meetings on a regular basis and are in need of alternate spaces that can hold larger groups of people. Those who don't schedule meetings regularly can call the OTC Service Desk @ 651-266-6767 for assistance in scheduling on their behalf. If you are interested in gaining access to this system, please email OTC Service Desk at OTC-CustomerService@ci.stpaul.mn.us and an account will be set-up for you.


  • Room Configuration Diagrams and Information 
  • Resource Scheduler User Guide
  • The largest room, 40, has a divider that can be used. If you do not want anyone to use one half of the room while you are using the other half, you can add the divider via "services" when scheduling in Resource Scheduler.
  • Room 41 & 42 each have a media cabinet that contains AV equipment that can be used in conjunction with a laptop for presentations and videos. 40 has a podium with a computer that can be used in the same fashion. Please call OTC Service Desk @ 651-266-6767 for any technical needs/questions.
  • When scheduling a meeting, you need to allow for a 30 minute gap between your meeting and someone else's. This allows the janitorial staff to clean and re-configure the room layout. In the system, this is usually represented by a green band before and after the meeting. (See above calendar picture.) You can remove this gap of time when scheduling your meeting if a meeting before or after yours already has it in place.
  • This system is "first come first serve." If you see a meeting that conflicts with a timeframe and/or room you need, you will need to contact the scheduler of that meeting to see if they will move it.


    Last Edited: September 20, 2019