Randy G - Job Feature

 Randy G - Safety and Security Supervisor 

Q: What knowledge, skills, and abilities are essential to being successful in this position?

RG: Experience as a CSO (community service officer), Reserve Officer, LECPA (law enforcement career path academy), or a police explorer would be helpful but not necessary.  They should also have some FA/CPR/AED training and if they don’t that’s not a problem, we can get them certified. If you don’t have this background my staff and I will help teach you to become the best Park Security Officer you can.

Q: What are primary responsibilities this position will work on? 

RG: We have a citywide patrol which locks gates, buildings, and restroom facilities. This position also respond to alarm calls at parks and recreation facilities and assess whether the police need to be called or not. There is an overnight zoo position and they are in charge of making rounds throughout the night and will be responsible for answering alarm calls.

Q: Why does this work interest you, and how did you get started?

RG: I grew up in the Recreation Centers and they have been a huge part of my life growing up. When I was 15 I was hired as a Recreation Aide at Battle Creek Recreation Center and I have worked for Parks and Recreation ever since. I have worked as a Recreation Leader, Assistant Director and currently the Safety and Security Supervisor. My degree is in Sports and Recreation Management and I have a minor in coaching, I also have a Criminal Justice Certificate. I really enjoy the fact that my staff and I have the opportunity to make our parks safe and secure for all that visit our parks and facilities.

Q: How does this position support Saint Paul’s mission for “Building a City for All”?

RG: To make Saint Paul a city that works for all of us, Saint Paul Parks and Recreation will facilitate the creation of active lifestyles, vibrant places and a vital environment. We will respond creatively to change, innovate with every decision to connect the entire City. I don’t think of us as Park Security Officers but I think of us as Park Ambassadors. We are the face that people often see first and I want to make their experience enjoyable for everyone.  My goal is to ensure my staff and I help create an environment that helps promote a Saint Paul for all.

Q: Share a bout a time when you learned how the work you do matters to the residents of Saint Paul. 

RG: I really enjoy hearing stories from members of the public about positive interactions my staff had with them; how my staff went above and beyond to help. This is extremely rewarding for me and I enjoy sharing these moments with that individual staff.

Last Edited: January 11, 2022