The Saint Paul City Attorney’s office announced today the decision to charge with Third Degree riot, a gross misdemeanor, all 46 adults arrested by the Minnesota State Patrol after they stormed I-94 on Saturday evening. Bail has been set by Ramsey County District Court at $1,500. Those facing charges could make their first court appearance as soon as tomorrow morning.

The City Attorney’s Office reviewed the evidence from the event, including police reports, photos and video. In each case, they determined there is sufficient evidence to charge individuals.

Original reports indicated 50 arrests at I-94, but the correct number is 46 adults and 1 juvenile. Those who do not post bail tonight will remain in Ramsey County jail overnight and appear in court tomorrow morning. Any charging decisions regarding the juvenile arrested will be separately considered by Ramsey County Attorney’s Juvenile Division.

All questions about court appearances should be directed to Ramsey County District Court.

Last Edited: October 11, 2017