Saint Paul Announces October 1 Start for All-In Citywide Garbage Service
Property Owners Must Select Cart and Service Levels by June 1

Graphic of Citywide Garbage Service timeline

SAINT PAUL (May 3, 2018) – Saint Paul Public Works announced today that plans are moving forward to start the new All-In citywide garbage service on October 1, 2018. As the City and current Saint Paul haulers continue their work to design new routes for garbage collection, the next step forward needs input from property owners: they need to select the cart size and service level they will use and notify the City by June 1.

“For over two years, we’ve been developing this more efficient, cost-effective system for collecting garbage around the city,” said Kathy Lantry, Director of Saint Paul Public Works. “We are excited to move forward with this program, which will simplify and standardize a basic service for all Saint Paul residents.”

Starting May 9, information will arrive in mailboxes explaining the program and available garbage service levels.  A postcard with instructions for how property owners can notify the City of their chosen service level will follow shortly thereafter. On the postcard, each resident will be given special Cart Selection ID. To select their cart size and service level residents can use one of three options:  

  • return the completed postcard with their selection (prepaid business reply postage);
  • visit a special website (available after May 9) to enter their choice online; or
  • call a designated phone number (available after May 9) to communicate their choice directly to a customer service representative.

The deadline to provide this information to the City is June 1.  If the City does not hear from property owners by June 1, the property will be assigned a service level. 

Cart choices will be confirmed in August, when all property owners will receive information in the mail with specific service level details, hauler information, and their designated pick-up day.

Starting in mid-August and continuing throughout the month of September, new garbage carts will be delivered to property owners. As the new service begins, garbage haulers will remove old garbage carts to recycle and reuse them as they are able.  More details about the cart transition will be available in August.

“Most larger cities have coordinated garbage collection programs, which have proven to be an efficient way to collect garbage for all residents,” explained Leigh Behrens, Solid Waste Programs Supervisor.  “Standardizing this service has environmental and safety benefits that improve our neighborhoods, such as reduced traffic, pollution, illegal dumping and wear and tear on streets and alleys.  Consistent customer service, convenient disposal of 2-3 bulky items per year, and the availability of yard waste service through all haulers are some of the additional program benefits.”

Citywide garbage services will work together with All-In Recycling Services to support the City’s long-term vision for reducing waste and increasing recycling to make our city greener.  For more information, visit

Last Edited: May 3, 2018