I Spy Evergreens: An Evergreen Tree Scavenger Hunt 

Wooden Evergreen Tree statue hanging on a tree in a park

Little wooden Evergreen Trees have been hidden in the woods. No technology is needed for this scavenger hunt. Visit one (or all) of the parks on the list and start searching!  Look for a small wooden evergreen tree, placed amongst the real trees or other high up places in our beautiful parks. Post a selfie with the Evergreen Tree and use hashtag #stpevergreenhunt--shhh, be careful not to give away the location in your photo!

A note on searching: You will not need to dig in the snow or the ground. They will be placed high and we ask that you do not touch, take or move them so the next hunters can find them. 

There are three parks with ten hidden Evergreen Trees (9 green, 1 silver) and four parks with three hidden Evergreen Trees (all green). There are 42 Evergreen Trees total (39 green, 3 silver). Evergreen Trees will stay in their location for the entirety of the hunt.

The hunt begins Tuesday, December 21. Most hidden evergreens will be removed the week of February 7. Crosby Farm Regional Park's hidden evergreens will stay up though April 10. So make sure to get outside and start hunting! Can you find them all? 

Download your I Spy checklist (PDF)

Parks with 10 Evergreen Trees (9 green, 1 silver)

  • Phalen Regional Park (stay along the lakeside trail) *now removed
  • Swede Hollow *now removed
  • Crosby Farm Regional Park (these trees have reflective stickers for night hikes--bring a flashlight!) *available through April 10 Need a hint? Take a peak at this I Spy Evergreens map to make sure you're searching the right trail. 

Parks with 3 Evergreen Trees (all green)

  • Como Regional Park (stay along the lakeside trail) *now removed
  • Frogtown Park and Farm *now removed
  • Harriet Island Regional Park *now removed
  • Newell Park *now removed

Last Edited: April 8, 2022