August 12, 2021

Peter Leggett

Mayor Melvin Carter Announces
2022 City Budget Proposal

SAINT PAUL, MN – Today, Mayor Melvin Carter delivered his 2022 Budget Address,  announcing his 2022 City Budget Proposal, and with it a set of six priorities that will guide investments over the next several years as the City leverages American Rescue Plan Funds. 

The 2022 Budget Proposal totals $713 million, including a proposed 6.9% property tax levy increase which amounts to an increase of $10.58 per month for a median value home. Amid the ongoing impacts of the many challenges our community has faced over the past 18 months, the Mayor's 2022 Budget Proposal supports a shared vision for revitalization and sustainability to begin our long-term rebuilding processes right away including:

  • Restoring critical services interrupted by the pandemic.
  • Starting a new program to support low-income homeowners who are housing cost burdened.
  • Establishing permanent funding for our Law Enforcement Career Pathways Academy.
  • Allowing the Police Department to more easily fill vacant positions as officers retire.
  • Establishing the City of Saint Paul Office of Neighborhood Safety.


  • The 2022 Budget Address can be viewed on the City's Facebook page here
  • A video, full text, and a PDF copy of the Address, along with a 2022 Budget Proposal Highlights document can be found at
  • The full set of budget proposal materials can be viewed at


As part of the 2022 Budget Address, the Mayor laid out a vision for leveraging the enormous potential of American Rescue Plan funds over the next several years including:

  • $40 million for Neighborhood Safety strategies to support safer outcomes in our neighborhoods, in alignment with our Community-First Public Safety framework.
  • $40 million for Housing strategies to respond to our ongoing housing crisis, including connecting people experiencing unsheltered homelessness to support, services, and resources, supporting affordable and deeply affordable housing, and ensuring residents can secure stable, accessible, and fair housing at all ends of the continuum. 
  • $40 million for Jobs and Career Readiness Programs to ensure people of all ages, backgrounds, and skills can access and maintain stable employment opportunities with living wages, professional development opportunities, and career pathways. 
  • $18 million for City Service Modernization to update, enhance, and expand our ability to provide innovative, resilient and equitable services, supports, and resources. 
  • $15 million for Financial Stabilization to support our city’s continued ability to maintain short-term and long-term financial, economic, and enterprise stability in support of the ongoing services and resources our residents rely on. 
  • $3.6 million for Vaccine & Public Health Measure Engagement to ensure all of us can continue to access vital public health information, support, services, and resources. 

To fully leverage the potential of these and other federal dollars and ensure responsible stewardship of these funds, 6% or approximately $10 million in American Rescue Plan Funds will be used for financial, legal, compliance, procurement, human resources, and evaluation over the next several years.


With today's delivery of the 2022 Budget Proposal, the City Council will now begin reviewing the Mayor’s proposed budget, and meeting with department leaders on the proposed budget. As required by state law, the City Council will set the maximum property tax levy in September. Budgets may be adjusted, but they cannot exceed the maximum tax levy.

Later this fall, the City Council will hold public hearings on the budget, and then will vote to adopt a 2022 budget and tax levy for the City by the end of the year. While the adopted budget may represent changes made by the City Council to the Mayor’s proposed budget, the Mayor has line-item veto authority over the Council-adopted budget.


Last Edited: August 12, 2021