Date: April 20, 2023
Contact: Nhia Vang, Saint Paul Audit Committee Staff 
Telephone: 651-266-8671

Saint Paul Council Seeks Community Participation to Solicit Topic Ideas   

SAINT PAUL – Today, the City Council is again reaching out to residents, district councils, businesses, city employees and community partners to suggest topics to be considered by the Saint Paul Audit Committee for a study. The City Council established the Saint Paul City Council Audit Committee in August 2020 and released their findings from their first study on “Constituent and Customer Services” this past January. The Audit Committee’s mission is to evaluate the financial and program performance of City departments to build public trust and ensure outstanding service delivery, transparency, and accountability.

“Public input on audit topics is key to the mission of the Audit Committee,” said Councilmember Rebecca Noecker. “We want to examine topics that people feel are relevant to their lives, build trust in city government, and improve their experiences working with the city.”

The surveys are open for public input to audit the performance of city services throughout the year. The online surveys for residents ( and for City employees ( can be found at Topic suggestions collected with be used to inform the work of the Audit Committee members. The public may also submit ideas via email to or phone at 651-266-8539.

“The council audit committee wants to hear directly from the community about what works, and what could be working better in Saint Paul,” said Councilmember Jane Prince. “Evaluating performance of city programs and processes allows us to increase their benefits and make a real difference in how our city operates.”

The Saint Paul Audit Committee members include Councilmembers Rebecca Noecker, Jane L. Prince and Amy Brendmoen (ex-officio) and Community Advisors Ellen T. Brown, Dana M. DeMaster, Stephanie D. Dilworth and James T. Farnsworth.


Last Edited: April 20, 2023