Saint Paul, MN (January 18, 2023) – Public Works has been closely tracking the developing snow storm expected to arrive later this evening. The storm is estimated to bring 3-6” of snow tonight (and through tomorrow, Thursday evening) in Saint Paul.

Due to the expected significant snow accumulation, Saint Paul Public Works is cancelling the Citywide Residential Plowing that was scheduled for the north-south residential streets on Thursday, January 19 and Friday, January 20.

Public Works crews must focus plowing efforts on arterial and collector (main) streets instead of the residential side streets. Saint Paul plows approximately 300 miles when there is any accumulation on arterial streets from winter weather events.

In preparation for this snow storm, Public Works night crews are pre-treating/salting bridge decks and downtown. Saint Paul may declare a Snow Emergency on Thursday if Saint Paul gets more than 3” of accumulation.


Today, Wednesday, January 18 Public Works had plow crews out on the SOUTH side (even-numbered) side of east-west residential streets trying to clean up and widen the streets as much as possible to keep them safe and passible.

Dedicated plow crews were able to complete 85% of the routes and 9 percent of routes were not fully completed. Six percent of the routes were not started. There were some streets that saw a noticeable difference with the plowing efforts and others that didn’t see much of an improvement due to hardened ice pack that was challenging to move.

Today, Wednesday, 46 plow drivers completed 61 of the 72 new citywide residential plowing routes; had 7 routes that were not completed; and 4 routes that were not started.

In comparison on Tuesday, 34 plow drivers completed 51 of the 72 routes; had 10 routes that were not completed; and 11 routes that were not started.

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Last Edited: January 18, 2023