Saint Paul invites public comments on Environmental Scoping Document for Ford Site

SAINT PAUL, Minn. – As the Responsible Governmental Unit (RGU), the City of Saint Paul is ordering an Alternative Urban Areawide Review (AUAR) for the Ford Site and adjacent parcels. The AUAR study area includes approximately 139 acres along the Mississippi River in the Highland Park Neighborhood of Saint Paul-consistent with the Ford Site Public Realm Master Plan. The project is located south of Ford Parkway and east of Mississippi River Boulevard.

An Alternative Urban Areawide Review (AUAR) is a planning tool for local governments to understand how different development scenarios will affect the environment of the community. The State of Minnesota requires environmental reviews on proposed developments of a certain size and scale.

Two development scenarios are proposed for study in the AUAR, both of which are consistent with the Ford Site Public Realm Master Plan as amended by the City Council on April 10, 2019. The Ryan Companies Development Scenario includes 3,800 residential units, 150,000 square feet of retail and service, 265,000 square feet of office and employment, and 50,000 square feet of civic and institutional. The Ford Site Master Plan Maximum Development Scenario includes 4,000 residential units, 300,000 square feet of retail and service, 450,000 square feet of office and employment, and 150,000 square feet of civic and institutional

The public is invited to comment on the proposed development boundary, scenarios, and scoping document prior to issuance of a Final AUAR Order. Pursuant to Minnesota Rules, part 4410.3610, subpart 5a(C), the purpose of the comments on a scoping document for an AUAR is to suggest additional development scenarios that include alternatives to the specific large project or projects proposed to be included in the review, including development at sites outside of the proposed geographic boundary. The comments must provide reasons why a suggested development scenario or alternative to a specific project is potentially environmentally superior to those identified in the RGU’s draft order.

The 30-day comment period will begin on June 10, 2019. Comments will be accepted through July 10, 2019 at 4:00 pm and should be addressed to:

Menaka Mohan
Ford Site Planner
Department of Planning and Economic Development 
25 W 4th Street, Suite 1400
Saint Paul, MN 55102

Comments can also be submitted through an online comment form found at

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