Saint Paul, meet your newest police officers

Some are mothers and fathers. Some have worked as police officers in Anchorage, Alaska; Milwaukee; Bismark, S.D., and several other communities. Six are former parking enforcement officers with the Saint Paul Police Department, one is a former social worker and others have worked as coaches, educational assistants and community liaison officers.   

All spent the past 17 weeks in the Saint Paul Police Academy learning what it means to deliver trusted service with respect.

Today, they are Saint Paul’s newest police officers.

Saint Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell administered the oath of office to 27 academy graduates during a ceremony held Thursday, Dec. 6 at Harding Senior High School.

The class is impressive and diverse, with about 60 percent from groups traditionally underrepresented in law enforcement.

The class is comprised of:

  • two American Indian men,
  • three African American men,
  • three Asian men,
  • three Hispanic men,
  • five white women, and
  • 11 white men.

Collectively, they represent three countries of origin, including the United States, El Salvador and Thailand. They speak multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Karen, Hmong and Igbo. And they volunteered a combined 168 hours in the community while completing the academy.

“I have been impressed by the dedication and commitment of this class,” said Axtell. “These new officers embody kindness and philanthropy, professionalism and integrity. Now, they will have an opportunity to begin protecting Saint Paul with trust, service and respect.”

Now that they have received their badges, the new officers will spend the next several months in field training.

Including the most recent academy graduates, the Saint Paul Police Department has 628 police officers who protect the peace and maintain public safety through trusted service with respect.

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