Saint Paul police officer honored for community engagement

He donates jerseys and shoes to an entire high school basketball team. He builds and installs planter boxes for senior residents. He keeps the streets safer for everyone.

And every day he delivers trusted service with respect.

He’s Officer Thomas Reis, and for 19 years, he’s been putting the Saint Paul community at the forefront of everything he does.

Throughout his career, Reis has responded to more than 40,000 calls – each time making the most of the opportunity to positively impact someone’s life. 

In 2018, the patrol veteran was recognized by the Minnesota Office of Traffic & Safety for making three DUI arrests in one shift.  He was also honored by MADD for being one of the top DUI enforcers in Minnesota. 

Outside of the squad car, Reis can be found forming partnerships with local businesses, supporting youth activities and partaking in community events.

Whether he’s playing dodgeball with the kids, donating backpacks and schools supplies to students, or enjoying a hotdog with a neighbor at Safe Summer Nights, Reis has one focus: growth.

“He lives his life with positive purpose, treats all with the utmost respect and is entirely dedicated to making our community a better place for everyone,” said Chief Todd Axtell.

To commend his commitment to community engagement, the Saint Paul Police Department honored Reis with the Richard H. Rowan Award for exceptional service.

The Richard H. Rowan Award recognizes a sworn officer who best reflects former Chief Rowan’s legacy of leadership, integrity, courage and innovation.