Residents are encouraged to exercise extreme caution during travel

SAINT PAUL (December 27, 2018) –  The Saint Paul Public Works Department has been preparing for an unusual winter storm that will likely include rain and freezing rain followed by colder temperatures.

“These weather conditions could present a significant challenge,” said Matt Morreim, Street Maintenance Manager for Saint Paul Public Works. “Unfortunately, typical pre-treatment street operations such as brining and salting are not effective with rain. Our crews will continue to be deployed throughout Saint Paul during the storm, and will begin salting and plowing as temperatures fall and rain turns to snow.”  

Saint Paul received 2-3” of snow on Wednesday night through Thursday morning before it turned into rain. According to weather reports, the rain is expected to continue into Thursday evening. As temperatures drop it will turn into freezing rain and then snow, which is expected to continue until noon tomorrow.

Throughout today, Saint Paul Public Works has plowed all arterial (main) streets, as well as residential streets with hills and/or curves. The current road conditions in Saint Paul are wet, bare pavement on arterial streets, and slushy, wet conditions on residential streets.

Saint Paul Public Works will have crews out tonight salting and plowing as soon as the snow begins.

City officials remind residents if they need to travel tonight or early tomorrow to allow extra time to get to their destination, and give extra space between vehicles for stopping and maneuvering, including all city, county and state plow and salting trucks.


Media Contact:
Lisa Hiebert, APR
Saint Paul Public Works


Last Edited: December 27, 2018