November 15, 2022


Racquel Vaske
Assistant General Manager

Saint Paul Regional Water Services lifts boil water advisory

ST. PAUL – November 15, 2022 - Saint Paul Regional Water Services has lifted the boil water advisory for customers affected by the Ferndale Tank pressure issue. The advisory was a precautionary procedure, and lab tests revealed that the drinking water was and remains safe for consumption. At this time, customers can resume normal water usage as pressure has returned and testing shows no contamination. The lifting of the boil water advisory was done in consultation with and the approval of the Minnesota Department of Health.

Areas potentially affected were encompassed by:

  • In the North: Holloway Ave. East, between 7th Ave. E and Division St./Halloway Ave E
  • In the East: Geneva Ave. N. – between Conway Ave. E. and Halloway Ave E/Division St
  • In the South: Conway Ave. East, between Carlton St. N and Geneva Ave. N. and Ave. R
  • In the West:
    • Ruth Street N. - between 7th Ave. E and Larpenteur Ave. E.
    • Winthrop St. N. – Between Larpenteur Ave. E and Hoyt Ave. E.
    • Idaho Ave. E – between Furness Parkway and Winthrop St. N.
    • McKnight Rd. N. – between Ivy Ave. E. and Margaret St.

This notice is posted at www.stpaul/water. If you have any additional questions, call our customer service department at 651-266-6350.


Last Edited: November 15, 2022