Skating Lessons

Learn to skate at one of these fun classes at a Saint Paul ice rink near you! Techniques include push and glide, snowplow stop, turns, backwards skating and falling safely.

Registration Location Ages Day Time Start Date End Date Cost
Drop-In Wells Fargo WinterSkate All Sa 11:30am - 12:30pm 7-Jan-17 28-Jan-17 Free
7114 Groveland 3y - 6y Sa 3pm - 3:30pm 21-Jan-17 11-Feb-17 $35
17435 (Full) Edgcumbe 3y - 6y Sa 10am - 10:45am 21-Jan-17 11-Feb-17 $30
17436 Edgcumbe 7y - 9y Sa 11am - 11:45am 21-Jan-17 11-Feb-17 $30
7608 Langford 6y - 9y Sa 2pm - 2:30pm 21-Jan-17 11-Feb-17 $35
7829 North Dale 5y - 7y Sa 10am - 11am 21-Jan-17 11-Feb-17 $40
7614 Northwest Como 3y - 6y Sa 1pm - 1:30pm 21-Jan-17 11-Feb-17 $35
13440 Phalen 6y - 12y S 9:30am - 10:45am 4-Feb-17 11-Feb-17 free